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Bettersize - Image Scanning Particle Size & Particle Shape Analyzer - BeVision M1

BeVision M1 particle analyzer is an automatic image scanning system for filter paper cleanliness analysis. Equipped with a metallurgical microscope, programmable motorized stage, autofocus function, and high-resolution CCD camera, BeVision M1 particle analyser can capture and recognize each individual particle, automatically stitching the images to a large panorama.

Technical specifications

Size Range 1-10000 µm
Repeatability error ≤1% (CRM D50)
Accuracy error ≤1% (CRM D50)
Magnifying times 30-1000 times
Imported high speed CCD 120 frm/s
Particle recognition speed ≥10000 particles /min
Scanning range the diameter can be reached 55mm
Testing time ≤10 minutes
Missing detecting rate ≤3% ( the particles with size above 10um can be all detected without missing.)
Metal particle recognition accuracy rate >90%
Fiber particle recognition accuracy rate >92%

Kay features

  • Measurement: Particle shape, particle size
  • Particle size range: 1 to 10,000µm
  • Dispersion type: dry and wet
  • Technology: Automated Imaging


  • Panorama: 
    BeVision M1 particle size analyser can systematically stepping and scanning of a defined region, capturing an image at every stepping interval. The software will seamlessly stitch the captured images into one high-resolution panorama.
  • Particle size and particle shape analysis: 
    Particle size distribution, particle shape, D100, content for a specific interval, aspect ratio, circularity and radius-thickness ratio.

BeVision M1 Measurement Process


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