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Bettersize - Image Particle Size & Particle Shape Analyzer - BeVision S1

BeVision S1 particle size analyzer employs the latest software particle image processing technology for the traditional microscope imaging method, providing intuitive and accurate particle size distribution analysis. BeVision S1 particle shape analyzer is widely used in particle shape observation and analysis fields, such as grinding abrasives, super-hard materials, spherical materials, and metal powder abrasives.

Technical specifications

Measurement Range 1-3000 µm
Repeatability error ≤3% (CRM D50)
Accuracy error ≤3% (CRM D50)
Maximum magnifying times 4000 times
Digital CCD camera 5 million pixel
Microscope biological microscope made in China/imported biological microscope/Metallurgical Microscopy
The standard ruler accuracy 10 um
Analytical items particle size distribution; length-radius ratio distribution;circularity distribution;individual particle, particle swarms,etc.
Automatic particle segmentation speed <1s
Particle segmentation successful rate >93%
Operating system Win XP/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10
Connection port USB

Key features

  • Measurement: Particle shape, particle size
  • Particle size range: 1 to 3000µm
  • Dispersion type: wet and dry
  • Technology: Automated Imaging
  • Image processing:
    In order to increase the statistical representation of the sample, collections of multiple images can be analyzed together to provide a true representation of the particle distribution of the sample.
  • High accuracy of particle size analysis: 
    Calibration of the pixel size can be performed using the standard stage micrometer.
  • Analysis parameters: 
    Particle size distribution, particle shape, D100, content for a specific interval, aspect ratio, circularity and radius-thickness ratio.
  • Max magnification: 4000 times 
  • Repeatability: ≤3.0% (GBRM D50) 
  • Accuracy: ≤3.0% (GBRM D50) 
  • CCD camera: 5 MP
  • Automatically split connected particles:
    When using the image method, the aggregated particles have a large influence on the measurement results. Unlike the usual manual splitting, the BeVision S1 particle size analyzer's automatic segmentation feature helps you get accurate particle information by quickly and accurately separating particles.
  • Precise calibration:
    The actual size of the particles can be accurately calibrated by the scale ruler.

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