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Bettersize - Automatic Powder Characteristics Tester - PowderPro A1

PowderPro A1 automatically analyze powder characteristics such as Angle of Repose, Angle of Fall, Angle of Spatula, Bulk Density, and Tapped Density of a variety of powder materials. Applied image technology automatically controlled by PAD or Android App, PowderPro A1 is an essential tool to research and assess powder materials.

Technical specifications

Measurement fully automatic
Parameters 8 (measured) + 6 (calculated)
Powders metallic and non-metallic
Conformity ASTM
Conformity ISO
Conformity USP
Conformity EP
ASTM D6393-08/D6393-14
ISO 3953: 1993
EP7.0 07/2010: 20934E
Sieve size 45 - 2000 µm
Amplitude 3 or 14 mm
Tapped frequency 50-300 times per minute (continuous adjustment)
Control terminal PC, PAD, or mobile phone
Connection Wi-Fi
Dimensions 600 × 350 × 730 mm (L × W × H)
Weight 42 kg
Power supply AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 230 W


1. Measured and calculated parameters
PowderPro A1 measures fully automatic:

  • Angle of Repose and Fall
  • Angle of Spatula (Flat Plate Angle)
  • Bulk and Tapped Densities
  • Dispersibility
  • Voidage and Cohesion

PowderPro A1 calculates fully automatic:

  • Angle of Difference
  • Compressibility
  • Uniformity
  • Flowability Index
  • Floodability Index
  • Sieve Size

2. Measure angles with image method
Photographs were taken using high-definition CCD imaging technology. Parameters such as angle of repose, angle of fall and angle of spatula are obtained in a fast and easy way with high precision and good repeatability through the unique image recognition and processing technology.

3. Patented rotary vibration technology: 
Ensure smooth surface of the powder and to improve measurement accuracy. 

4. Automatic control technology:
Fully automatic PC or mobile control ensures easy usage and operation. Accurate and reliable test results are obtained by SOP mode for standardized testing process. 

5. Conformity:

  • ASTM D6393-08/D6393-14
  • ISO 3953:1993
  • USP32-NF27<616>
  • EP7.0 07/2010:20934E

6. Data communication:
An electronic scale is connected to the instrument and the weight data is automatically transferred to the system for data processing and calculation of results.

7. Advanced technology of tapped density:
The tapped density is achieved through the perfect combination of variable frequency and rotary vibration technology. The vibration frequency of 50 to 300 times per minute can be continuously adjusted; vibration amplitude of 3 or 14 mm can be selected. During vibration, the cylinder is in a uniform rotation state, this guarantees the horizontal powder surface and improves the accuracy of the reading.

Measure Angle of Repose

Measure Bulk Density and Tapped Density


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