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Product outline:

  • 2 well silicone insert with a defined cell-free gap, suitable for wound healing, migration assays, 2D invasion assays, and co-cultivation of cells
  • Complete solution for wound healing experiments, requiring only a few steps from sample preparation to image analysis
  • Reproducible experiments owing to a defined 500 µm cell free gap, no leakage during cultivation, and no material being left behind after the insert’s removal
  • For screening applications
  • High parallelization
  • Based on µ-Plate 24 Well – i.e., suitable for fluorescence and high resolution microscopy


  • Wound healing assays
  • Migration assays
  • 2D invasion assays
  • Co-cultivation of cells

Technical specifications

Number of wells 2
Outer dimensions 8.4 x 8.4 x 5 mm (w x l x h)
Volume per well 70 µl
Growth area per well 0.22 cm²
Coating area per well 0.82 cm²
Width of cell free gap 500 µm +/- 100 µm
Material Biocompatible silicone
Bottom No bottom - sticky underside
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