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Product Outline:

  • A µ-Slide with a porous glass membrane for transmigration and transport studies under both static and flow conditions
  • Brilliant optical quality through the thin, porous glass membrane
  • Full access to the apical and basal sides of adherent cells in numerous applications
  • Different pore sizes available for various cell types
  • Suitable for the establishment of lung models with air-liquid interface (ALI)


  • Trans-endothelial migration under flow conditions
  • Co-cultivation of cell layers and transport in 2D or in a 3D gel matrix
  • Apical-basal cell polarity assays
  • Skin and lung models with liquid-air interface
  • Cell barrier model assays with apical-basal gradients
  • Cell migration assays based on filters and porous membranes

Technical specifications

Total coating area 4.50 cm²
Bottom ibidi Polymer Coverslip
Main Channel (Lower Channel)
Access Luer port, accessible with female Luers
Volume 50 µl
Height x Length x Width 0.4 mm x 25 mm x 5 mm
Growth area 1.25 cm²
Upper Channel
Access Reservoir port, accessible with 20/200 µl pipet tips
Volume 55 µl
Height over membrane 1.3 mm
ibiPore Membrane
Material SiO2 (glass)
Thickness 0.3 µm (300 nm)
Membrane size 2 mm x 2 mm
Porous area 1.77 mm x 1.84 mm
Restrictions for objective lenses
Working distance >0.5 mm
Restrictions for objective lenses
Working distance >0.5 mm
Pore layout Hexagonal spacing

Transmigration Under Flow

Shown here is a time lapse movie of a transmigrating human HL-60 cell that was seeded into the lower channel of a µ-Slide Membrane ibiPore Flow (pore size 3 µm). Under flow conditions, the cell transmigrates in vitro through the porous glass membrane into the upper channel that was filled with a 3D collagen matrix containing the chemoattractant fMLP.

Live cell imaging of a transmigrating single SiR-Actin-stained cell (indicated by pseudo colors) by spinning disc confocal microscopy (20x objective) with a time interval of 30 s. The arrow indicates the direction of flow at a shear stress of 1 dyne/cm2; Scale bar = 10 um. Courtesy R. Pick, Munich, Germany.

Technical features

  • SiMPore’s G-FLAT™ Microporous Glass Membranes
  • Cross-channel structure with a porous optical membrane in between
  • Excellent optical properties comparable to a glass coverslip
  • Pore sizes 0.5 µm, 3 µm, 5 µm, or 8 µm available
  • Membrane thickness 0.3 µm (300 nm)
  • For use with objective lenses with a working distance >0.5 mm
  • Fully compatible with the ibidi Pump System
  • Defined shear stress and shear rate levels
Ibidiibidi is a leading supplier for functional cell-based assays and advanced products for cellular microscopy. ibidi is located in Gräfelfing, Germany, close to Munich, and the US headquarters, ibidi USA Inc., is located in Fitchburg, Wisconsin.