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The San Series of Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzers also known as Continuous Flow Analyzers have been designed as modular systems to meet the needs of laboratories that process a few samples or large volumes of samples. Based on the Continuous Flow Analysis (CFA) or also called Segmented Flow Analysis (SFA) technique, up to 16 analytical measurements (depending on the model) can be made on a single sample simultaneously. With the addition of rinsing valves and software the San Series of analyzers can automate; start-up, shut-down, dilutions, re-runs, clean-up, and raw data storage

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Technical Specifications

SAN++ SAN compact
Chemistry module Up to 5 Up to 3
No of Peristaltic pump 1 or 2 1
No of Pump tube 2x16 1x21

Key Features

  • Possibility to measure up to 16 parameters in one system to measure simultaneously
  • Complex analysis can be automated with complete sample preparation like digestion, distillation, Extraction, Dialysis, etc.
  • Low Detection limits with long path cells.
  • Cost of Reagent can be reduced having use of very low volume
  • Flexibility to use your own chemicals.

San++ Continuous Flow Analyzer

  • Environmental
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
SkalarSkalar, the world leader in wet chemistry technology, offers over 300 proven applications utilizing various combinations of automatic dilutions, additions, mixing, heating, dialysis, extractions, distillation, digestion, phase-separation, hydrolysis, ion-exchange/reduction and more. Skalar has developed a proven systematic approach to provide a quality system starting with complete applications engineered on customer samples to provide the best possible configuration to the customer needs and requirements, training and installation by qualified specialists and complete application and service support.