What you can expect

As a services company, people are our greatest asset

As a services company, people are our greatest asset. It is their last-mile dedication, can-do attitude and passion that drives the long-term success of our business. At DKSH, we believe in investing in our people.

Total rewards
The reward system in DKSH consists of both monetary and non-monetary programs which are carefully designed to reward and recognize your contributions fundamental to achieving excellence and our continuous business success.

Our total rewards program encompasses not only market- and performance-oriented compensation packages and competitive benefits programs. In addition you can enjoy extensive personal and professional growth opportunities in a highly diversified, dynamic and empowering environment. At DKSH, we believe that continuous learning and development opportunities, dynamic career progression, recognition of excellence and performance management are very important components alongside remuneration.

People development
Empowering our people to drive the long-term growth of our business and their own career, while making a positive difference, is our promise.

From your first step into DKSH, you are offered the chance to take on new challenges within your role. This includes on-the-job training where you get to work on a range of portfolios across various locations and learning about our clients and customers.

Within your career milestones with us, you are encouraged to acquire a greater depth of knowledge and skills. This may involve working on a global project, holding various responsibilities within the same team or in a new one and/or assuming cross-border assignments. The options available are dependent on the areas you wish to pursue and the direction in which you want to steer your career.

In addition, the DKSH Fantree Academy, our own in-house training and development center, provides a broad series of programs to develop the capabilities of our employees.

Conversations about your development objectives take place with your superior. This covers what is expected of you, where you need to be, how to get there as well as longer-term career goals. Regular, constructive and focused feedback is also shared with you to look into your strengths and areas to further build on as a part of your development journey at DKSH.

We bring together a diverse pool of talents and create an environment of continuous learning and personal development to help you realize your potential.