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DKSH Enters Distribution Agreement with Tronly in Europe

DKSH Enters Distribution Agreement with Tronly in Europe

DKSH has signed a distribution agreement with Tronly, a leading producer of additives for UV curing materials in the specialty chemicals industry, in Europe.

Zurich, Switzerland, December 13, 2023 – DKSH’s Business Unit Performance Materials, a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients, has entered into a distribution agreement with Tronly and will provide business development, marketing, sales, logistics, and distribution services for Tronly’s photoinitiators for UV coatings, UV inks, UV adhesives, and 3D printing across Europe.

Tronly is a leading China-based producer of UV curing technology and provides high-performance chemicals for manufacturers of printed circuit boards (PCB), liquid crystal displays (LCD), semiconductors, and OLED materials. Tronly’s range includes biimidazole photoinitiators, oxime ester photoinitiators, and photo acid generators for semiconductors.

DKSH was entrusted to grow Tronly’s specialty chemicals business across Europe thanks to its extensive distribution network, knowledgeable commercial and technical teams, strong capabilities in logistics, and value-added services, including technical and regulatory support.

Roger Lu, CEO of Tronly, commented: “Tronly is a global leading specialty chemical manufacturer of photosensitive materials. Based on independent R&D and innovation, Tronly can provide a full range of photoinitiators to the market. It is a pleasure to have an opportunity to collaborate with DKSH in Europe for sustainable growth and market expansion.”

Atul Nagarkar, Vice President, Global Specialty Chemicals Industry, DKSH, commented: "We are very pleased to sign a distribution agreement with Tronly across Europe. Our deep market insights and broad range of services in the region will enable us to increase growth for Tronly's range of photoinitiators and generate more value for our wide customer base by using traditional and digital distribution and marketing channels.”