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If you are seeking to optimize your supply chain of warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing operations in China, DKSH is the right partner to offer innovative intralogistics and material handling solutions.

With our experienced engineering team and well-established partners, we help you to embrace Industry 4.0 with an automated warehouse and logistics system to attain increased efficiency, reliability and responsiveness.

We are a long-term, reliable partner working closely with our customers, developing flexible solutions that address your challenges today and in the future.

Industry Providing reliable logistics automation solutions to various industries in China.

Supply chain and distribution

DKSH helps address supply chain and distribution service providers‘ varying needs and rapidly growing demand through data-driven system designs that incorporate flexible and scalable technologies to make the most of your changing operation:

  • Multi-use sites for various customers and products
  • Product variability in type, quantity and demand flow
  • Labor scarcity
  • Increasing demand in multi-channel fulfillment operation
  • Overall rapid growth and end customer changes


Cost, downtime and inefficiency are the core challenges of most manufacturing industries. Through data analysis and planned projections, DKSH works with manufacturers to implement changes or expansion with minimal disruption by strategically adding automation solutions and solve pain points:

  • Quality control from production start to finish
  • Continued efficiency during shift changes
  • Labor training and scarcity
  • Onshoring trends requiring increased on-site storage
  • Raw material and finished good inventory
  • Safety protocols

Health and beauty

The health and beauty industry faces very specific challenges that ultimately impacts the health and wellbeing of end-users such as consistent growth of SKUs, new and existing product variants, specific regulatory requirements, temperature control requirement and order accuracy.

DKSH pulls resources and experts in leading technologies to combine automation engineering and software solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. Through optimizing processes, we help identify material handling automation solutions that can operate in ambient or cold temperatures. By controlling the variances and regulations as well as utilizing automation, we help our customers to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Other industries

We also provide tailored automation solutions for:

  • Food and beverage
  • Wholesale and grocery
  • Consumer goods
  • Automotive
  • eCommerce

Our solutions Based on customers’ requirements, we acquire and transfer knowledge to generate new ideas for creating high-value solutions and solve problems.

Consulting and design

Our process is designed to identify opportunities to optimize your factory, warehouse or distribution center. Whether you are improving your existing manufacturing and warehousing equipment, investing in expansion or new automation, our consultants can help. We review your operations to find your strengths and weaknesses, which will allow us to plan and design the perfect solution together.

Pallets AS/RS – automated storage and retrieval system

AS/RS are designed to minimize the space within warehouses and to obtain high levels of efficiency and productivity. DKSH offers our customers tailor-made AS/RS solutions, including pallet stacker cranes, two and four directions pallet shuttle carriers to store and buffer various loading units.

Light goods AS/RS – material storage/buffering/GTP solution

DKSH offers mini-load, multi-shuttle, direction shuttle and other light goods solutions to handle lightweight loads for various types of cases, containers and boxes, providing a high productivity picking system that is completely automated, fast, safe and can be configured according to project requirements.

Long goods and metal sheet storage and handling solution

As a specialist for fully automatic storage technology, intelligent logistics software and economic automation solutions for the long goods and sheet metal sectors, DKSH offers you a one-stop service for the best material flow solutions.

High density and cubical system

The cubical system is the very definition of space efficiency as it delivers the highest storage density of any ASRS. With the system, you will get four times the storage capacity in the same footprint as manual storage and in many cases, double the storage capacity compared to other goods-to-person systems. With any shape possible, utilization of the building is at its peak.

Material handling and conveying solution

Material handling and conveying systems rapidly and efficiently connect all the areas used for the receipt of goods, production, order picking and material shipment within the company, optimizing storage and transport within the warehouse. The range of handling and conveying systems includes:

  • AGV (automated laser-guided vehicles)
  • Shuttle cars
  • Pallet conveyors and case conveyors
  • Various types of lifters
  • Monorail system

Order distribution and manufacturing solution

DKSH is the ideal partner for the development of automated storage and picking solutions within distribution centers and manufacturing facilities.

For distribution centers - By implementing flexible solutions, the customer can meet constantly changing market needs, improve space utilization, shorten delivery lead time, reduce shipment preparation errors, at the same time optimize the supply chain and service level at the point of sale.

For manufacturing facilities – DKSH offers a wide range of solutions for the optimization of material flows, reconciling the need for intensive storage with the high rotation of material imposed by the market:

  • Dense and flexible storage of finished products
  • Inter-operational storages for work-in-progress products
  • Raw material storages and infeed to production lines
  • End-of-line finished products delivery
  • Marshaling and shipment buffers

AMR and robotic solution

By implementing AMR and robotics solutions, DKSH can help you to improve your warehouse or factory operations. We combine industrial robotic systems with your operations to perform accurate repetitive material handling actions to increase productivity and efficiency while lowering overall production costs. The AMR systems will be a cost-effective solution that increases operation efficiency, improve working conditions and is easily scaled to match your growth.

How we work We bring your vision to reality by working collaboratively with your management and operations team, step-by-step.

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