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Specialty coffee lovers, meet power

Eco-Designed to inspire your growth. Ergonomically built for comfort. Built for precision, with dual boiler technology. Programmed with IB EcoSmart.

Building a successful business requires a relentless dedication to excellence. A willingness to take risks. The ambition to always give your best. Iberital started as a company of one. 50 years and a lot of hard work later, our founder’s story still inspires us—because some dreams are worth fighting for.

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Technical Specifications

2 Groups 3 Groups
Coffee boiler capacity 3 L 4 L
Steam boiler capacity 8.3 L 11.5 L
Power 4200 W 4200 W
Weight 60,6 Kg 91 Kg
Dimensions L x W x H 845 x 672 x 460 mm 1016 x 672 x 460 mm
Front distance between legs Side distance: 380 mm 552 mm 740 mm

Key Features

Big things are on your horizon, and IBERITAL VISTA keeps you moving.

Built for comfortable, efficient flow, VISTA features a low counter height design that ensures your engagement with customers, turning a good experience into an unforgettable one.

From efficient components to the isolated dual boiler, VISTA is built to be sustainable. Its modular component system guarantees a longer lifespan and incorporates the highest quality materials as standard.

Our dual boiler system, equipped with Solid State Relay electronics, allows for a low temperature profile on the group heads while ensuring the highest pressure and heat in the steam boiler. That’s efficiency and excellence in one shot.

Display the brewing time for each cup, customize with your brand’s logo, and schedule daily AUTO ON-OFF. You can also adjust the boiler temperature directly on the screen.

Find patterns and opportunities with Iberital Connect. From understanding consumption behavior to predicting maintenance needs, discover the many possibilities of collecting and processing data with Iberital VISTA.

Iberital Tutorial - Automatic cleaning This tutorial shows how the automatic cleaning works.


Iberital has been leading the change since 1975, when Blai Farré, the founder, began to repair machine pumps in his Barcelona garage.

Four decades later, our espresso machines are still the perfect tool for baristas. Keeping our founder's vision, we are committed to handcrafting machines with great detail, R&D, impeccable design, and environmental responsibility.