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Icematic is now introducing the new ST range of blast chillers and blast freezers. These machines are designed to improve the quality and organization of work. Powerful, versatile, easy to use and reliable. These are the most important features of Icematic blast chillers-freezers.

Technical specification

Power supply 230V/1N/50HZ 230V/1N/50HZ 230V/1N/60HZ
Code number ST5-18 Air ST5-18 Water ST5-18 Air
Outside length 800 mm 800 mm 800 mm
Height 900 mm 900 mm 900 mm
Depth 700 mm 700 mm 700 mm
Capacity GN 1/1 5 5 5
Refrigeration Power (-10°C/+45°C) 1573 1573 1516
Refrigeration Fluid 1100 g - R404A (GWP3922) 1100 g - R404A (GWP3922) 1100 g - R404A (GWP3922)
Ton CO2 equiv. 4,31 4,31 4,31
Output chilling (+90°C/+3°C) 18 18 18
Output freezing (+90°C/-18°C) 10 10 10
Electronic card EVF EVF EVF
Absorbed power 1250 W - 5,8 A 1150 W - 5 A 1350 W - 8 A
Water consumption (32°C/21°C ) - 24 l/h -
net/gross Weight 106/117 kg 106/117 kg 106/117 kg
Shipment data 850 x 740 x 1050 mm 850 x 740 x 1050 mm
850 x 740 x 1050 mm
850 x 740 x 1050 mm

Key features

  • Control panel
  • New control panel: intuitive, and extremely easy to use with all the functions necessary for the various processes
  • Anti-corrosion fan blades
  • Conic core probe


  • Food & Beverage

Founded long ago in 1963, Castel MAC is a company specialized in professional refrigeration. Known as one of the leaders in the production of icemakers, Castel Mac has also been working in the development and manufacturing of refrigerated cabinets and a wide range of blast chillers-freezers. The company, through technical innovation and the adoption of the most innovative technical solutions, is one of the most important world players in the Horeca market.

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic market, CastelMac holds product innovation as their main objective, and are always ready accommodate and satisfy even the most sophisticated needs of their customers.

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