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This machine is available in two versions: the HDL2000-SD and HDL2000-HD. These are extra large capacity ultra-precision machining systems used for single point diamond turning advanced optical surfaces along the diameter of large generation drums. This machine accepts drums up to 650mm diameter and 3100mm long (between chuck faces) with a weight capacity of 1800 Kg (3000 Kg on HD version). Maximum optical cutting zone length is 2600mm.

Product description

The machine was developed with the latest "precision engineered" designs and components, including high stiffness hydrostatic oil bearing slide ways, programmable CNC controlled W-axis (tailstock) with integrated “Nanolock” braking system, state-of-the-art linear motor drives, and exclusive oil hydrostatic head and tailstock spindles; with liquid cooling for increased thermal stability. The “Nanolock” hydraulic braking system provides maximum tailstock rigidity during diamond turning and facilitates both flexible & rapid machine set-ups. For a list of accessories available for this diverse machine, please visit our Factory Options page.

Key features

General Description
System Configuration Ultra-Precision Multi-Axis Horizontal Drum Lathe
Workpiece Capacity (HDL2000) 550 mm Diameter X 2600 mm Length Between Chuck Faces, 2000 mm Optical (cutting) Zone, 1800Kg max. load
Workpiece Capacity (HDL2000-HD) 600 mm Diameter X 2600 mm Length Between Chuck Faces, 2000 mm Optical (cutting) Zone, 3000Kg max. load
Base Structure Natural, Black Granite (Sealed)
Vibration Isolation Passive pneumatic air isolation system with self leveling
System Programming Resolution 1 nanometer linear; 0.0001º rotary
Headstock Spindle (C-Axis) Description
Type Moore, Oil Hydrostatic
Speed Range C-Axis mode - 0 to 300 rpm, bi-directional - Spindle mode - 0 to 300 rpm, bi-directional (up to 400 rpm on HD version)
Axial Stiffness 350 N/um (2,000,000 lbs/in)
Radial Stiffness (at nose) 875 N/um (5,000,000 lbs/in)
Drive System Frameless, Brushless DC motor
Motion Accuracy (@100rpm) Axial Synchronous: ≤ 100 nanometers (4μ”)
Radial Synchronous: ≤ 100 nanometers (4μ”)
C-axis Position Resolution 0.000005° (0.019 arc seconds)
Liquid Cooling (standard) A continuous flow of temperature controlled liquid is supplied to cooling channels located around the hydrostatic bearing journals. Thermal stability is maintained utilizing an Active Thermal Management System (ATMS) with integral PID controller, liquid to liquid heat exchanger, and refrigerant source

Key features

•PC based CNC motion controller with Windows XP operating system and 1 nanometer (0.04 μ”)programming resolution
• Linear encoder/glass scale position feedback system with 0.034 nanometer resolution on X axis;1.0 nanometer resolution on Z axis; and 100 nanometer resolution on W axis (tailstock)
•Programmable, CNC Controlled W axis, with integral “NanoLock” hydraulic braking system (providesmaximum tailstock rigidity during machining and enables flexible & rapid machine set-up)
•Box-way hydrostatic oil bearing slideways provide smooth, stiff, and well damped linear motions
•Linear motor drives for rapid cycle times, improved surface quality, and minimal maintenance
•Exclusive Oil Hydrostatic Headstock (with C-axis) and Tailstock spindles; with liquid cooling for increasedthermal stability
•Options include: Rotary B-Axis, Fast Tool Servo Systems, Optical Tool Setting Station, Air Shower
Temperature Control System, NanoTEMP Thermal Monitoring System, NanoBalance Dual Plane Drum.Balancing, Spraymist Lubrication System, Vacuum Chip Extraction System

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