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DKSH Germany office

We are the leading Market Expansion Services provider for companies who want to grow their business in Germany.

We import raw materials for application in cosmetics, foods and beverages, pharmaceutical products and the specialty chemicals industries. DKSH Germany also imports seafood products for retail and industry customers. Through it all, we always aim to deliver highly customized quality results for our customers and suppliers.

Our sales team consists of highly specialized industry experts, many with a technical background and many years of experience in their business area. We offer you innovative and affordable products for many different applications and customer needs. Through our companies deep roots in Asia we source most of our products from suppliers in Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam.

DKSH has been operating in Germany since 1975. Before the merger between Diethelm Keller and SiberHegner was completed in 2002, forming the DKSH Group, the German operations were part of SiberHegner.

Our office is located in Hamburg, Germany’s capital of foreign trade, dating back centuries to the organization known as the “Hanse”. Our windows overlook Hamburg’s harbor, and one the world’s biggest container terminals, known as “the gateway to the East”. As a result of this, nowadays Hamburg is the main city for receiving imported goods from Asia destined for northern and eastern Europe.

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Country management

Name Job title
Thomas Sul, John Roemling, Dr. Oliver Kranendonck Managing Director
Dr. Oliver Kranendonck General Manager

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