DKSH Partners with Forestwise for Several Key Markets in Western Europe

DKSH Partners with Forestwise for Several Key Markets in Western Europe

DKSH has started a new partnership with Forestwise, an innovative provider of sustainable products from rainforests, for the personal care industry in several key markets in Western Europe

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Zurich, July 27, 2021 – DKSH will provide business development, sales, marketing, logistics, and distribution for Forestwise's products in several key markets in Western Europe, including Austria, France, Germany, Poland, The Nordics and Baltic States, Switzerland, and the Iberian Peninsula.


Forestwise sources, harvests, produces, and distributes sustainably-sourced natural cosmetic ingredients. Its portfolio includes an organic range of oils, butters, and sugars, which are COSMOS- approved, “Fair for Life”-certified, and wild-gathered from the rainforests of Indonesia.


“We believe that the time is right to bring our range of sustainable raw materials to a wider audience and that partnering with DKSH, with their resources, enthusiasm, and the value they place on natural ingredients, make them a great fit for our company,” stated Forestwise CEO, Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn.

Olivier Patricola, Director, Personal Care Industry, Europe, Performance Materials, DKSH added: “We are delighted to offer our customers Forestwise's portfolio of unique and high-quality ingredients combined with the opportunity to actively support rainforest conservation. Our customers will greatly benefit from the unique properties and values of Forestwise's ingredients as well as the shared technical expertise and support from our sales teams, and innovation center specialists.”

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