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Hang Heung Product Presentation in DKSH Academy

“Bridging the West and East” was the theme of our recent in-house workshop at the DKSH Food Services Academy which we held for Hong Kong Hang Heung, a local bakery empire founded in 1920. French guest Chef, Loic Poitou, blended core ingredients from IRCA-Italy, fruit purées from France, dairy products from Emborg, as well as Luker’s chocolate oat-based and single-origin couverture from Columbia into Hang Heung’s delicacies.
Food Services is proud to organize these exchange sessions to explore the possibilities and flavors of mixing the finest ingredients with our partner brands’ creations through the chefs’ craftmanship.
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Brand New Academy for Food Services

DKSH Food Services moved the office from Southmark 19/F to 23/F from May 2021. Despite the better environment for the workplace, we have a brand-new Academy! The new Academy is well equipped with all professional pastry tools and cooking equipment. The academy laid with light yellow floors, champagne gold wall coverings are used to show the simple and comfortable design but also unconventional extravagance and fashion. All these incredible changes are longing for more enjoyable in-house trainings, chef demonstrations and gatherings in the future.

Cafe DKSH 2019


Drizzling the dazzle onto the 9th Café DKSH held at the Hong Kong Ritz Carlton Hotel on September 20, 2019, DKSH Hong Kong Gourmet Fine Food (GFF) unit to launch newly representing brands to HORECA channel. The seven artisan brands introduced are CasaLuker, Emborg, Flechard, IRCA, Alipro, Lubeca ,Lindt and Panidor. 3 Guest chefs have sublimated these finest ingredients into a dessert fiesta.

Macau Chocolate Showpiece Competition 2019


DKSH Hong Kong Business Line Gourmet Fine Food is delighted to sponsor the 5th Macau Chocolate Showpiece Competition with CasaLuker. 14 participating young chefs from eleven reputed Macau hotels have transformed the arena into a chocolate museum in just five hours. Without the use of any supporting materials, the chocolate sculptures carved truly exhibited cocoa’s quality and chef’s artistry. DKSH congratulates these young talents for their passion to unleash the chocolate convention.

IRCA Hands-On Training for DKSH 2019


DKSH is honor to conduct  IRCA new products hands-on training by IRCA Ambassador Chef Jerome R. Binaya. We have invited our trade customers to experience the convenience of the product application.All participants finished the class with a certificate awarded by IRCA academy.

Video gallery

Emborg-Mango Chesse Mousse Application of Emborg Cream Cheese & Whipping Cream

Emborg-Strawberry Yoghurt Mousse Application of Emborg Yoghurt and Whipping Cream

Emborg-Baked Cheese Cake Application of Emborg Cream Cheese

ALJOMAR - We have been awarded the Animal Welfare Certification by Aenor

ALJOMAR - Iberico Pork

Photo gallery

Cafe DKSH 2019

  • Cafe DKSH 2019
  • CAFE DKSH2019
  • CAFE DKSH2019
  • CAFE DKSH2019
  • CAFE DKSH2019
  • CAFE DKSH2019

Macau Chocolate Showpiece Competition 2019

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  • Macau Chocolate Showpiece Competition 2019_2
  • Macau Chocolate Showpiece Competition 2019_3
  • Macau Chocolate Showpiece Competition 2019_4
  • Macau Chocolate Showpiece Competition 2019_5
  • Macau Chocolate Showpiece Competition 2019_6
  • Macau Chocolate Showpiece Competition 2019_7
  • Macau Chocolate Showpiece Competition 2019_8
  • Macau Chocolate Showpiece Competition 2019_9
  • Macau Chocolate Showpiece Competition 2019_10

Chocolate Hands-On Training by Thomas Lui

  • Thomas Training Cover
  • Thomas Training 2
  • Thomas Training
  • Thomas Training2
  • Thomas Training3
  • Thomas Training 4