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DKSH Enters Exclusive Distribution Agreement with MP Gokyo Food & Chemical in Europe

DKSH Enters Exclusive Distribution Agreement with MP Gokyo Food & Chemical in Europe

DKSH has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with MP Gokyo Food & Chemical, a leading global manufacturer of ingredients for the personal care industry, in ten key markets in Europe. By distributing TAMAVISCO® from MP Gokyo Food & Chemical, DKSH will grow business opportunities for the partnership across Europe.

Zurich, Switzerland, December 6, 2023 – DKSH’s Business Unit Performance Materials, a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients, will provide business development, marketing, sales, logistics, and distribution services for MP Gokyo Food & Chemical’s TAMAVISCO®, a plant-based rheology modifier derived from tamarind seeds, in Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

TAMAVISCO® is a thickener with a luxurious sensory profile and a unique gelling agent that works as a thin film on the skin to keep it moisturized. It contributes to sustainable beauty as an upcycled 100% botanical source ingredient.

Hidemitsu Wakita, President and CEO, MP Gokyo Food & Chemical, commented: “MP Gokyo is a leading company of high-quality tamarind seed gum for nearly 60 years. We are very pleased to start new partnership with DKSH for TAMAVISCO®, our flagship product. With the strong support by DKSH, we expect our TAMAVISCO® to deeply penetrate into the European market and contribute to customers’ product developments.”

Roland Kraut, Vice President, Personal Care Industry, DKSH, commented: “We are delighted to partner with MP Gokyo Food & Chemical across ten key markets in Europe. TAMVISCO® is naturally derived from tamarind seeds and has various applications in personal care. It also caters to our customers’ need for sustainable solutions in the industry. Our strong local presence in Europe will enable us to increase growth and market penetration to bring MP Gokyo Food & Chemical’s TAMAVISCO® to a wider customer base.”