Our approach to sustainability

Sustainability report 2021

For us, simply providing products is not enough. Of equal importance is how we conduct our business and what impact our activities have on our stakeholders. Providing access to markets and products as well as generating jobs is what we have always done, and by doing this in a reliable and responsible way we contribute to the development of markets and communities as well as to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“Sustainability” is one of our corporate values, and we bring it to life through our Sustainability Framework focusing on three pillars: Our People – Our Partners – Our Planet.

We have a clear governance structure for the management of Sustainability at DKSH, with the Board of Directors providing oversight as well as clear responsibilities and targets for the Executive Committee and Sustainability Committee. This supports our sustainability journey as well as fulfilling our purpose of enriching people’s lives.

Throughout our more than 150 years of history, being a responsible corporate citizen has been the foundation of our success. At DKSH, we do business in a way that is profitable while also delivering long-term value creation. 

We are currently formalizing our approach to corporate responsibility through a review of the sustainability issues that are most material to our business, to help DKSH leverage sustainability challenges into increased profitability and long-term growth. 

The following guiding principles support DKSH’s commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability. By integrating these principles into all aspects of how our business is conducted, we not only better manage risks and opportunities, but also meet the evolving needs of our internal and external stakeholders.

DKSH corporate social responsibility

Supporting local communities

Throughout our history, being a responsible corporate citizen has been the foundation of our success.

DKSH employees

An employer of choice

As the leading Market Expansion Services provider in Asia and as a services company, people are our greatest asset.

DKSH employees at work

Governance, risk and compliance

Governance, risk and compliance at DKSH operate as multi-layered disciplines, aiming to ensure responsible behavior throughout the Group as well as protecting your business and our employees.

Code of Conduct

DKSH’s Code of Conduct applies to all DKSH employees. We endeavor to ensure that specific aspects are also followed by the business partners we work with to deliver our services.