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DKSH Enters Strategic Partnership with Iscon Balaji Foods in West Malaysia

DKSH Enters Strategic Partnership with Iscon Balaji Foods in West Malaysia

DKSH has started a new partnership with Iscon Balaji Foods to facilitate the growth and expansion of Pommetos frozen fries product line in the West Malaysia Food Services industry.

Petaling Jaya, March 12, 2024 – DKSH Business Unit Consumer Goods, a leading partner for companies seeking to grow their consumer goods business in Asia and beyond, is proud to announce a new partnership with Iscon Balaji Foods, a leading producer and exporter of frozen and dehydrated potato varieties. This collaboration aims to enhance Iscon Balaji Foods’ Halal-certified product offerings of frozen fries in the West Malaysian market, providing consumers with an extended range of top-quality options.

Under the agreement, DKSH Malaysia will provide full Market Expansion Services, including marketing and sales, distribution and logistics, as well as credit and collection across multiple distribution channels, such as hotels, restaurants, café, and various food services outlets. The range of Iscon Balaji Foods’ products that DKSH will distribute encompasses their variety of Pommetos frozen fries, crafted to delight both culinary connoisseurs and food service experts alike. Whether enriching the taste of classic recipes or infusing a creative flair into contemporary dishes, Pommetos’ diverse range of potato fries invites culinary exploration.

Devan, Country Representative at Iscon Balaji Foods, expressed his excitement about the new partnership, saying: “We are thrilled about this collaboration and the capabilities that DKSH Malaysia brings to the forefront. We have full confidence in DKSH’s robust regional presence, expansive distribution network, and seasoned sales force, which will undoubtedly bolster our brand’s commercial footprint and sustained expansion in this market.”

Daniel Schwalb, Vice President, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, DKSH Malaysia, added: “We eagerly anticipate synergizing our expertise and resources to elevate Iscon Balaji Foods products across the Food Services channels. Our joint objective is to establish fresh benchmarks, ensuring Malaysian consumers enjoy access variety of potato fries’ selections that will enrich their culinary journey."