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DKSH Malaysia and Botrem Establish Partnership to Revolutionize Skin Rehabilitation

DKSH Malaysia and Botrem Establish Partnership to Revolutionize Skin Rehabilitation

DKSH Malaysia has been designated as the authorized partner and distributor for Botrem to provide skin rehabilitating products in Malaysia. Leveraging DKSH’s extensive distribution network and comprehensive services, this partnership aims to ensure widespread accessibility of Botrem’s innovative products, thereby enhancing the well-being of consumers across Malaysia.

Petaling Jaya, April 20, 2024 – DKSH Business Unit Healthcare, a leading strategic solutions partner for companies seeking to grow their healthcare business in Asia and beyond, is proud to announce a new partnership with Botrem, a Malaysian company dedicated to enhancing the well-being of patients through skin rehabilitating products. This collaboration introduces the meticulously crafted Botrem product range developed through years of research and development by a medical doctor and an eczema patient, offering multifunctional solutions for holistic health management.

Under the agreement, DKSH Malaysia Healthcare will provide full Market Expansion Services, covering sales, field marketing, distribution, logistics, as well as credit and collection. The Botrem product line includes Botrem Restoractiv Encapsulating Body Wash, Botrem Restoractiv Intricate Care Lotion, Botrem Restoractiv Intensive Intricate Care Wash, Botrem Restoractiv Intensive Intricate Care Lotion, Botrem Restorac N-Coll Gel, Botrem Restorac Ad/sorb AB Gel, Botrem Restoractiv Balancing Regimen Hair Shampoo, Botrem Restoractiv Balancing Regimen Hair Conditioner, and Botrem Restoractiv Intensive Active Regimen Hydrogel. By harnessing DKSH’s comprehensive omni-channel strategy, the collaboration will guarantee the widespread availability of Botrem products across diverse distribution channels, including modern trade, pharmacies, and traditional trade in Peninsular Malaysia.

Botrem’s products have been clinically validated to demonstrate their outstanding effectiveness in addressing ageing concerns and providing a comprehensive solution for managing chronic allergies, wounds, and stress symptoms. Each product category is specifically designed for patients dealing with persistent allergies, and they are guaranteed to minimize infection and inflammation while enhancing skin regeneration with film barrier protection, utilizing diverse treatment approaches. By combining these products, recovery can be accelerated and treatment processes can be simplified for individuals facing chronic conditions. 

Tengku Zainal Abidin Tengku Ibrahim, Managing Director and co-founder of Botrem said; “We have the utmost confidence in the new partnership with DKSH Malaysia. We believe that DKSH Malaysia’s robust regional presence, expansive distribution network, and seasoned sales team will strengthen Botrem’s product’s commercial footprint and foster sustained growth in this market, which is an excellent opportunity for both companies.”

Sandeep Tewari, Vice President, Healthcare, DKSH Malaysia, added: “We are eager to merge our knowledge and resources to enhance the visibility of Botrem products. Collaborating with a company that has developed unique solutions and achieved international industry technical excellence recognition for patient care and the discerning consumer aligns with our purpose in enriching peoples’ lives and providing healthcare for all.”