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DKSH Partners with PacBio in South East Asia

DKSH Partners with PacBio in South East Asia

DKSH has started a partnership with PacBio, a leading developer of high-quality, highly accurate sequencing solutions to distribute its products in Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia

Singapore, July 26, 2023– DKSH Business Unit Technology has entered a partnership with PacBio, a leading provider of high-quality, highly accurate sequencing solutions for the most complete and accurate view of genomes, transcriptomes, epigenomes, and metagenomes. DKSH will provide sales, marketing, and after-sales services in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.


PacBio has pioneered groundbreaking sequencing technologies that merge the comprehensiveness of long reads with the precision of short reads. This innovative approach provides a fresh perspective for studying the synthesis and regulation of DNA, RNA, and proteins. Motivated by the pursuit of advancing human health, PacBio has effectively utilized advancements in biochemistry, optics, nanofabrication, and other fields. With unwavering enthusiasm, PacBio strives to create products that empower scientists to delve into the complete range of genetic variation within any organism. From unraveling the enigma of rare diseases and cancers, contributing to human population study and wildlife conservation, to enhancing the world's food supply, PacBio remains dedicated to these goals.


“DKSH offers great market coverage in Southeast Asia and has a strong focus in the life sciences segment. With their strong application capabilities and unparalleled after-sales services, we believe that DKSH is the right partner to help us expand the business, penetrate the market, and meet our growth goals,” said Jason Kang, Vice President, APAC, PacBio.


Marco Farina, Senior Director, Business Development, Business Unit Technology, commented: “Expanding our life sciences portfolio is a key initiative for DKSH Technology. PacBio's cutting-edge sequencing systems represent a game-changing technique in the industry. We are excited to introduce this groundbreaking technology to our customers, enabling them to advance and accelerate their research progress.”