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DKSH Wins the Second Round of NGC’s Bidding for Wind Energy Gearboxes in China

DKSH Wins the Second Round of NGC’s Bidding for Wind Energy Gearboxes in China

NGC has partnered with DKSH to reach an agreement for offering gear grinding machine solutions for its wind energy gearboxes. 

Nanjing, China, May 9, 2022 – DKSH Business Unit Technology was entrusted by NGC, one of the largest wind power gearbox manufacturers and power transmission solution providers, to take part in their second largest production expansion plan. Under the agreement, DKSH will provide Klingelnberg grinding machines, gear measuring machines, logistics and distribution services as well as technical support to help NGC expand production capabilities in their new manufacturing base of Jiangsu Huai’an. 

NGC's wind power gearbox is the most important component used in wind turbines. The machines provided by DKSH will be applied for the final grinding process of the gears in the gearbox to ensure the quality of the gears. 

NGC and DKSH have been connected by a long-term partnership. Since 2006, DKSH has been successfully supplying KlingeInberg’s gear measuring machines, spiral bevel processing equipment and Hofler’s gear grinding equipment to NGC. In 2020, when NGC needed to expand their production capacity, DKSH was their trusted partner of choice. Both parties signed the agreement for the provision of multiple sets of gear grinding machines and gear measuring centers, and additionally agreed on intention orders for 2021.

Gu Xiaobin, NGC Group COO & President of Wind Energy Division, said: “DKSH is a reliable partner to work with and we have been collaborating well in the past years. Their in-depth market know-how combined with high-quality products and technical services make them the partner of choice for NGC. We are convinced to continue our great partnership to achieve our goals and business growth.”

William Li, General Manager, Gear Machinery, Technology, DKSH China, commented: “DKSH always puts our clients and customer’s needs as our priority. For us, NGC is the type of visionary business partner that we want to win together with. This collaboration is a great example of how together with our partner NGC, we have laid a great foundation in the wind power industry and contribute toward reducing carbon emissions by enabling renewable energy.”