DKSH Partners with FlowGen in APAC

DKSH Partners with FlowGen in APAC

DKSH has entered a strategic agreement with FlowGen, a technology leader of light weight, high performance wind turbines, to expand their business in the APAC region.

Switzerland, January 7, 2022– DKSH Business Unit Technology has entered a partnership with FlowGen, a company developing and producing revolutionary smart microgrid wind systems for sustainable energy generation. DKSH will provide sales, marketing, distribution, installation, and after-sales services for FlowGen in the APAC region.

FlowGen provides cost-effective, turnkey renewable energy solutions by combining its proprietary hyper-efficient small wind turbines with solar and storage to smart micro grids which can be scaled from kWs to MWs. These systems can operate as island solutions or can be connected to existing or new infrastructure such as roofs of buildings. Therefore, the solutions produce electricity locally and can provide independency from the grid and utility-driven electricity prices as well as help reduce CO2. Pre-emptive maintenance happens through sensors that monitor the systems in real-time. 

Widely applied for roofs of buildings, bridges, stadiums, or on a standalone basis with masts, DKSH will promote FlowGen’s smart micro grid solution to building and landowners, developers, architects, rural and urban planning authorities of independent and sustainable energy generation systems as well as to companies engaged in the roll-out of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 

“DKSH possesses an extensive network across Asia and unparalleled installation and service capabilities.  We believe that DKSH is the right partner to help us expand the market in APAC and meet our aggressive growth goals,” said Tom F. Clausen, Head of Business Development & CFO, FlowGen.

Hanno Elbraechter, Head Business Unit Technology commented: “With the partnership with FlowGen, DKSH has gained access to leading sustainable energy generation solutions with enormous potential in urban, near-urban, and remote areas.  We are excited to introduce FlowGen’s leading products and clean energy solutions to our customers from different industries in the APAC region.”