DKSH Hong Kong at a glance We help companies grow their business in existing markets and expand into new ones

Hong KOng, Harbour by night

DKSH is the leading Market Expansion Services Group with a focus on Asia. We help companies looking for a reliable outsourcing partner to grow their business in new or existing markets.

DKSH Hong Kong offers a comprehensive package of services across the entire value chain: from sourcing, research and analysis, marketing, sales, distribution and logistics to after-sales services. Our partners benefit from our sound expertise, on-the-ground logistics and tailor-made services based on a comprehensive network of unique size and depth.

DKSH Hong Kong was established in 1923. Our market expertise, local knowledge and extensive networks provide the basis upon which we offer our customers and clients attractive, tailored business solutions.

Well known as a professional and experienced provider of comprehensive services, DKSH Hong Kong covers all the critical elements needed for a successful sales and marketing mix. As experts in the market, we deliver valuable insights and professional recommendations on product development for our clients and customers. Our offering is completed by comprehensive after-sales services and a quality assurance system that ensures ongoing customer satisfaction.

The merger of Diethelm Keller Services Asia Ltd. and SiberHegner Holding Ltd. in June 2002 led to the formation of DKSH Holding Ltd. In April 2004, DKSH Hong Kong Ltd. was incorporated.


  • A sustainability x office renovation project

    In 2020, DKSH launched its Faster, Leaner, Greener initiative to optimize efficiency, streamline operations and green our environment. To drive the initiative in Hong Kong and to take into consideration the impact of the pandemic, the market evolution, heightened operational agility, and ensure our staff’s health and safety, the Hong Kong management team declared a nine-month renovation project for our local headquarters.

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