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Nuance Pharma Announces Partnership With DKSH to Launch BentrioTM Nasal Spray in Hong Kong and Macau

Nuance Pharma Announces Partnership With DKSH to Launch BentrioTM Nasal Spray in Hong Kong and Macau

DKSH and Nuance Pharma have entered into an agreement to bring the high-quality and innovative BentrioTM Nasal Spray to Hong Kong and Macau. This agreement is in line with DKSH Business Unit Healthcare’s strategic focus of expanding into higher value-added segments and services, such as medical devices.

Hong Kong, November 28, 2022 - DKSH Business Unit Healthcare, a leading partner for healthcare companies seeking to grow their business in Asia and beyond, has partnered with Nuance Pharma (“the Company”) to launch BentrioTM nasal spray in Hong Kong and Macau, marking the very first milestone of Nuance Pharma’s commercial expansion in the APAC region.

With this agreement, DKSH will offer full-agency services, manage distribution, and commercialize BentrioTM Nasal Spray in Hong Kong and Macau.

BentrioTM is an OTC drug-free nasal spray designed for protection against airborne disease-causing agents (including allergens and viruses). It is being marketed in several markets throughout Europe and Asia to help protect against allergic rhinitis and, where approved, against viral infection (including COVID-19). It has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of allergic rhinitis (hay fever). The product, which is intended to help protect against airborne allergens and viruses, is considered a Class I medical device in the UK. BentrioTM nasal spray is also marketed in Europe, including Germany, for helping to prevent the onset and alleviate allergic symptoms caused by airborne allergens, such as pollen, house dust mites, or animal dander. In other markets, such as Singapore, BentrioTM is marketed for protection against airborne viruses and allergens. Bentrio’sTM efficacy and protective effects have already been demonstrated through multiple clinical and in-vitro studies. 

Mark G. Lotter, CEO and Co-Founder of Nuance Pharma commented: “This is a significant milestone for Nuance Pharma’s Asia expansion strategy, as we establish commercial capabilities in two additional key markets while delivering innovative, safe, and effective products to the region. Hong Kong is an important gateway to Asia and represents a critical initial step to expand its presence to the region whilst the company prepares for the introduction of its innovative pipeline currently in development. We look forward to a successful and strong partnership with the leading regional leader DKSH, while delivering ever more innovative therapies with high unmet needs in the region in the coming years.

Wai Ting Fong, Head of Management and Vice President, Healthcare, DKSH Hong Kong, equally welcomed the partnership: “DKSH is delighted to partner with Nuance Pharma to introduce their innovative product BentrioTM. With a broad reach across our different commercial channels, we are committed to driving its expansion in Hong Kong and Macau. Our partnership demonstrates our commitment to offering patients better health and quality of life, in line with DKSH's purpose to enrich people's lives, by providing access to healthcare, goods, services, and insights”.