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Integrated solutions

The digital transformation we will see in the next decade, including the rise of 5G, will take place mainly at the edge of the network. To create and maintain strong edge computing, solid IT infrastructure needs to be rapidly deployed in remote locations as efficiently as possible. Anticipate this trend sustainably, with Vertiv's integrated solutions, including prefabricated rack, row, aisle, and modular data centers, built in flexible designs based on proven configurations. We're here to help you normalize design and harmonize systems across all of your edge sites (locally, regionally and globally) to allow for easier design, implementation, management, and replication.


SmartCabinet™ Self-contained, pre-configured, pre-engineered and factory tested infrastructure solutions for data centers and telecom networks.​

Key features

  • Fully integrated - Factory assembled and tested for power, thermal management, rack enclosure, power distribution, monitoring and management, and security for IT applications. No dedicated IT room is required.
  • Dust protection and noise insulation - Fully closed operation, cold/hot air is circulated within the rack for better temperature and humidity control, expanding lifespan of IT equipment, low -noise level. Highly suitable for office environment.
  • Highly Efficient - Built-in high efficiency UPS and cooling equipment, that uses DC frequency conversion technology for energy savings.
  • User-friendly interface - Large 9-inch LCD touch panel that allows for easy access to system status/alarms/ setting.
  • Fast deployment – SmartCabinet provides faster deployment and is ready to use from day one, removing the need to build, construct and design computer rooms which dramatically reduces the required deployment period compared to a traditional IT facility build.
  • Central Management – optional feature of RDU-M that provides central management of multiple SmartCabinet sites. 

SmartRow Plus

SmartRow Plus SmartRow™ Plus is a fully-integrated data center infrastructure solution equipped with power, thermal management and infrastructure management and monitoring solution from Vertiv.



  • Reduces energy cost by more than 30% through better PUE
  • Optimizes space utilization through an integrated design
  • Order, install and implement in just a few weeks


  • Single web-based intelligent management interface provides insight on power, cooling, data center environment
  • Enhances operational reliability and efficiency


  • Pre-engineered infrastructure for multiple remote site deployment
  • Single system service for startup, warranty, preventive maintenance and repair

Application Scenarios

  • Small Data Center/Computer Room
  • Expanding Data Center in growth


  • Raised or non-raised floor 

Key features

Complete integrated infrastructure

  • Industry leading design. All products integrated in the system-thermal management, monitoring, racks, optional UPS/Power Distribution and rack PDUs-work together to optimize capacity, efficiency and availability.

Industry best practices

  • Employs best practices known to work well in top-performing data centers:
  • Hot aisle / cold aisle separation
  • High availability, high efficiency UPS
  • Highest efficiency cooling
  • Space-saving, minimal footprint
  • Modularity for flexibility and easier expansion
  • Integrated monitoring and control for efficiency in planning and management
  • Reliable local service

Compact footprint

  • Integrated design occupies less floor space and reduces costs.

Quick installation

  • Easily deployable and ready to use within weeks.

Simplified project management

  • Network of local data center experts and service teams make ordering, installing and servicing the SmartRow Plus solution easy.


SmartAisle Liebert SmartAisle is a combination of the most advanced innovations in data center with the simplest self-assembled integrated design that is tailor-made to fit and perform in your white-spaces surpassing your expectations.


LCD touch screen large display panel controller

  • Enhanced system visibility in the controller users to gain a complete insight of the system operation
  • Assist in trouble shooting to ensure that the system is always operating at its best efficiency 

Rapid deployment

  • With an integrated approach, SmartAisle facilitates quickest onsite deployment of the entire DC in a matter of weeks
  • The add-as-you grow modular design creates a provision for future expansion of the DC space 

Unmatched efficiency

  • Smart-Aisle logic for air conditioning ensures the most accurate cooling environment for servers
  • A high efficiency UPS system for efficient power conversion and transmission

Remote monitoring

  • Built-in with an RDU-AG2 monitoring kit, the SmartAisle enables an unmanned operation by transmitting statistical data to users
  • With an emergency exhaust system, firesuppression system, lighting controls, and smoke detection makes the SmartAisle2.0 a fail-proof system.

Key features

Power distribution system

  • Inbuilt power distribution set up for the necessary utilities and the IT racks with metered devices which measure the power consumed
  • Just a single input power cable needs to be connected to the SmartAisle system which distributes metered power internally to each equipment

Modular contruction

  • Knocked down components shipped from the factory with an easy-to-assemble at site design
  • Part-wise build up from the base with lowest dependency on physical infrastructure at site

UPS system

  • Highly advanced APM series UPS unit specifically designed for high operating efficiency
  • Power transmission efficiency of upto 96% on full load

Precision cooling units

  • Inrow cooling unit -CRV+ for faster response to dynamic loads
  • Highly efficient at higher return air temperatures
  • Integrated with Smart Aisle logic control feature that functions on the most efficient/accurate thermal control algorithm to maximize energy saving

Support utilities

  • Magnetic locking roofs with automatic opening feature for exhaust ventilation in case of power outage
  • Bright lighting for ease of visibility in the set-up
  • Automatic sliding doors with access control
  • Fire alarm integration with a built-in fire suppression mechanism

Cable management

  • Specifically designed roof trunking feature helps easily guide the cable run over the entire SmartAisle unit
  • The guide paths are designed to track each and every connection from the source to the terminal

Remote monitoring

  • Equipped with an RDUAg2 card, SmartAisle can be placed even at remote site locations
  • The critical alarms and warnings along with the statistical and analytical data can be transmitted to the user seamlessly for monitoring and control

Advanced touch screen display controller

  • The most sophisticated controller with unparalleled capabilities of measuring, controlling and monitoring entire system configuration thereby even providing a real time PUE of the system


SmartCabinet24RU Midi Solution for small businesses and network edge deployments

Key features

  • Fully integrated solution that can be installed in one day
  • Easy installation & setup
  • Centralized monitoring system
  • Option to increase power capacity & enable enhance monitoring functions
  • Applications: Small & Medium Enterprise offices, Branch offices & retail stores, Government branches, Telecommunication sites

Vertiv MB Modular Busway

Vertiv MB Modular Busway

Vertiv MB Modular Busway provides high density power distribution to the rack while eliminating cable clutter that can reduce airflow. This modular system is easy to install, and is easily expanded with a variety components in configurations to meet unique site needs. Available in high density and standard configurations.


  • Easy to change bus plugs.
  • Available in 100, 225 & 400A ratings.
  • Increases space efficiency and improves airflow.
  • Integrates easily into new or existing datacenter layouts.
  • Provides dual bus or single bus configurations.
  • Fully rated design.
  • Certified to UL 857 & CSA 22.2.
  • Hot swappable bus plugs keep systems up and running even during changes.
  • Requires fewer and less expensive power cables.
  • Installs with 15-30% less time and cost compared to cables and conduit.
  • Installs with tool-less mounting to racks.
  • Plug-n-play bus plugs to rack PDU can be installed by anyone; no electrician needed.

Ideal Applications

  • Data centers of any size.
  • Raised and non-raised floors.
  • Single or Dual bus configurations.
  • Low or high-density power distribution.
  • Data centers with frequent configuration changes.

Key features

  • Modular 3-phase Busway
  • Installs on rack, suspended from ceiling, or under the raised floor
  • 100, 225 and 400A capacities