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Racks & containment

In the modern data center landscape, standardization is becoming the norm. But not everywhere and not done randomly. The first place you'd want to start data center normalization is the racking systems and containment solutions. Starting with flexible, easily installed, adaptable and pre-configured customized server racks and network cabinets saves you costs, footprint and it increases the performance, efficiency, and reliability of your critical infrastructure. Let's discover the data center custom containment solutions that help you reach your objectives.

Small Capacity UPS Product that has stock in the market also include Rack, UPS, PDU

Vertiv S-Series 2 Rack

Vertiv S-Series 2 Rack

The S-Series Rack is an innovative enclosure system that integrates your computing hardware, power management technologies and peripherals in your data centres and computer rooms. It gives superior design and flexibility, allowing optimal data centre performance and easy installation.


Excellent rack cooling efficiency​​

  • Optimal heat management with 78% perforation rate for both front and rear doors
  • Optional blanking panels for air flow are available

Enhanced rack installation space efficiency

  • Solid steel frame with installation slots
  • Rack static load capacity of 1,500KG

Enhanced rack system applicability in data centers

  • Accessories available for cabling and airflow management
  • Customized features for specific requirements in data centres

Increased convenience in installation and maintenance

  • Tool-less design for cable, air management and PDU mounting for flexible and quick installation
  • Low profile casters pre-configured for easy deployment and mobility
  • Self-levelling feet for easy installation

Increased rack adaptability and expansibility

  • Integral part of the total data centre solution of Emerson Network Power
  • Highly adaptable and flexible to integrate power, cooling and monitoring equipment
  • Containment solutions available

Key features

  • Strong and durable solid frame that can hold up to 1,500KG static load
  • 78% open high perforated doors for optimal air flow
  • Convenient tool-less installation of cable and air flow management
  • Seismic solution is available for critical application
  • Rapid, self-levelling feet
  • Tool less mounting slots for verlical PDUs and cable managers.
  • Enclosure height of 42U, 45U and 48U
  • Width of 600mm or 800mm
  • Side panels
  • Air flow management
  • Cable management options
  • Mounting accessories
  • Standard Colour RAL 9005
  • Standard Optional Colour RAL 7035

Vertiv VR Rack

Vertiv VR Rack


  • Frame capable of supporting up to 3000 lbs (1360kg)
  • Static, 2250 lbs (1022kg) Dynamic, 2000 lbs (907kg)
  • Transport (with Shock Package)
  • Simple external baying, allows for metric or on 24” centers and leveling feet incorporated into the frame for easy adjustment
  • 42U frame height that will allow access through standard doors on four swivel casters 

Door and side panels

  • Single perforated front door and split rear doors with tool-less lift off hinges
  • Locking handles
  • Field reversible doors
  • 77% perforation exceeds IT manufacturers specifications
  • Split side panels with single locking slam latch

Top panel

  • Tool-less removeable top panel
  • Integrated hole pattern for easy installation of top panel accessories (cable management, modular busway support brackets, ladder / cable tray support brackets)
  • Four cable entry holes allowing for up to 2000 Cat6 cables, or 60A PDU plugs
  • Top Panel load capacity of 150 lbs

 19” mounting rails

  • (2) Pair of full height 19” EIA mounting rails, accepts cage nuts, U markings on front and rear of each rail
  • Depth markings included on frame for easy alignment
  • Accessory mounting holes along rails allow for mounting of cable management fingers and tool-less accessories
  • Rectangular cutouts for routing cables through 800mm (31.5”) wide 19” EIA rails from front to rear or for airflow for side breathing equipment
  • Full depth adjustability within the usable space 

PDU/cable management brackets

  • Two dual purpose full height depth adjustable PDU / Cable
  • Management brackets mounted in the zero U space
  • Button mount keyholes throughout to accommodate tool-less button mounting of rack PDUs of various heights
  • Accessory mounting holes allow for mounting of tool-less cable management accessories
  • Integrated cable tie off positions
  • Depth adjustable


  • Frame, doors, side panels, top panel, rails and PDU brackets are powder coated RAL 7021 (Black)


  • EIA 310E
  • UL2416
  • RoHS

System Accessories

System Accessories

Mechanical accessories are fundamental to effective and economical use of server- and network racks. Blanking panels are an essential feature in operating an energy-efficient data center, as they ensure that cold and warm air in the rack are separated. When there are no mounting adapters for IT components, chassis rails and shelves are required. Drawers are used to store manuals, spare parts and tools needed on site.


New accessories - Shelves and Drawers

  • Easy installation from the front of 19" extrusions by one person
  • Integrated latching hooks facilitate attachment to mounting hole extrusions. Installation on T-slot extrusions by screwing possible
  • Quick installation: reduction of assembly steps and time
    • Hang and fasten the mounting brackets with telescopic rail
    • Slide in the shelf panel
  • No mounting adapters required, therefore no additional costs

Key features

  • 19" Blanking Panels and Front Panels for covering unused 19" areas.
  • Support rails for safe installation of heavier equipment
  • 19" shelves and drawers for front attachment to 19" extrusions, 482.6 mm
  • 19" shelves fixed, partially or fully retractable. Perforated to optimize air supply. To support heavier equipment
  • Drawers for storing service documents, spare parts and tools needed on site
  • Compatibility with all types of 19" extrusions (mounting hole & T-slot)
  • Wide choice of mounting material for every rack type and accessories.  

Vertiv MPX Adaptive Rack PDU - with "Branch Monitoring" Receptacle Modules

Vertiv MPX Adaptive Rack PDU - with "Branch Monitoring" Receptacle Modules

MPX is the most responsive and adaptive rack PDU available. With MPX rack PDU technology, you can respond to rack equipment changes and dynamic capacities by leveraging hot-swappable modular output power, hot-swappable modular communications and modular input power. The Liebert MPX-B delivers modular power distribution with measurement on the input to each output module. An upgrade or downgrade is possible by adding the appropriate output modules.


Designed for high availability

  • Designed specifically to accommodate higher power densities and be resistant to higher temperatures.
  • Energy metering provides users the information to maximize data center power and cooling infrastructure.
  • Allows user to add individual hot-swappable output power modules for capacity as demand grows.
  • Offers the ability to change input capacity or configuration while maintaining Rack PDU infrastructure.

Designed to enhance energy efficiency and capacity management

  • Flexibility to respond to constant change—redeploy modules to suit changing needs.
  • Adaptive capacity, distribution, monitoring, control and management of critical devices.
  • Scalable design that allows onsite configuration to fit immediate IT equipment needs.
  • Provides a wide selection of single phase and three-phase power input configurations—with the ability to field change while maintaining distribution infrastructure.
  • Employs energy efficient receptacle control technology.
  • Expanded branch overload protection minimizes threat of cascading PDU overload.

Designed to improve business resiliency and agility

  • Provides for local or remote monitoring and management of connected loads.
  • Easily integrate with existing network and security architectures, as well as higher level management software – allowing you to operate at peak velocity.
  • Preemptive notifications before problems occur.
  • Allows user to shut down non-essential equipment during power outages to maximize availability and back-up power.
  • Provides a compatible monitoring platform for MPH, offering seamless common operation if deployed together.

Designed to reduce deployment time and expenses

  • Allows real-time, highly precise metering and management – and the lowest energy consumption in the industry for rack PDUs.
  • Provides the most cost-effective design available—build, add on, or modify the platform design.
  • Allows redeployment of modules to suit changing needs.
  • Rack PDUs may be pre-installed.

Key features

  • Modular input power
  • Hot Swappable output power
  • Receptacles & modules
  • Monitors at branch level
  • Controls at equipment level
  • Offers single-phase and three-phase models

Liebert Nform, Centralized Monitoring Software

Liebert Nform, Centralized Monitoring Software

Liebert Nform centralized infrastructure monitoring software solution provides data center monitoring of equipment for companies of every size. It provides network management of distributed Liebert equipment with notifications and messaging, with software versions available to meet business needs.​



  • Leverages the network connectivity capabilities of your Liebert power protection or precision air equipment.
  • Triggers event actions such as e-mail alerts or local notifications.
  • Provides monitoring of system by multiple vendors.

Higher availability

  • Monitors and controls a wide range of support systems.
  • Simple navigation of monitored systems from a centralized location.
  • Ensures the availability of each monitored piece of equipment by active monitor polling.
  • Gives more runtime to the most critical systems by sending shutdown commands to non-critical systems.
  • Self-diagnostics ensure messaging and notifications can be transmitted to the appropriate personnel at the right time. 

Lowest total cost of qwnership

  • Eliminates the need for expensive third-party monitoring applications.
  • Simplified installation and configuration reduces overall start-up, reducing costs.

Ideally suited for

  • IT managers responsible for large or medium size companies
  • Multiple data centers across many locations
  • Network Management System integration
  • Shutdown of servers and workstations on environmental and power conditions 

Key features

  • Centralized monitoring and control of SNMP devices through existing NMS
  • Provides email alerts and local notifications
  • Offers a scalable software solution for businesses of any size

Vertiv MB Modular Busway

Vertiv MB Modular Busway

Vertiv MB Modular Busway provides high density power distribution to the rack while eliminating cable clutter that can reduce airflow. This modular system is easy to install, and is easily expanded with a variety components in configurations to meet unique site needs. Available in high density and standard configurations.


  • Easy to change bus plugs.
  • Available in 100, 225 & 400A ratings.
  • Increases space efficiency and improves airflow.
  • Integrates easily into new or existing datacenter layouts.
  • Provides dual bus or single bus configurations.
  • Fully rated design.
  • Certified to UL 857 & CSA 22.2.
  • Hot swappable bus plugs keep systems up and running even during changes.
  • Requires fewer and less expensive power cables.
  • Installs with 15-30% less time and cost compared to cables and conduit.
  • Installs with tool-less mounting to racks.
  • Plug-n-play bus plugs to rack PDU can be installed by anyone; no electrician needed.

Ideal Applications

  • Data centers of any size.
  • Raised and non-raised floors.
  • Single or Dual bus configurations.
  • Low or high-density power distribution.
  • Data centers with frequent configuration changes.

Key features

  • Modular 3-phase Busway
  • Installs on rack, suspended from ceiling, or under the raised floor
  • 100, 225 and 400A capacities