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Room cooling

A data center air conditioning system must always be viewed holistically. Paired with cutting-edge room cooling solutions, the holistic approach enables us to support a vast range of applications, from small computer rooms to enterprise data centers. Our experts work with the latest cooling technology and ensure the thermal system's components are integrated, monitored and optimized. Discover our Liebert room cooling systems, ranging from direct expansion and water-cooled solutions, to dry cooling and microchannel condenser units and contacts us about design, integration, installation, and service.

Liebert DM

Liebert DM High-performance cooling applications for small computer rooms and network closets


Energy saving

  • High sensible heat ratio and high energy efficiency
  • Equipped with Copeland Scroll Compressors
  • Provides stable temperature and humidity condition
  • Fans for outdoor units feature easy to access full range speed regulation
  • Manageable and uniqe Eco-Mode option
  • Energy saving component options
  • V-shaped evaporator**
  • Group control function offered for units of the same model**

**For 16kW units 

Space Saving

  • Small footprint – 100% front door access 

Key features

User-Friendly and Maintenance-Free

  • Large screen display with multi-level password protection and expert fault-diagnosis functions

  • Automatic startup on power and scheduled startup also available

  • Standard RS485 Monitoring Interface

  • Equipped with alarm for irregularities on blast reduction, fan failure and filter clogging

  • Email and SMS notification (thru the Liebert® RDU) for remote monitoring functions

Highly adaptive

  • 24/7 operation capable

  • Ultra wide input voltage range; multiple power protection functions

  • Environment adaptability: adoption to outdoor temperature while meeting cooling requirements

  • Adaptive to heat dissipation of the main equipment

Liebert PEX3

Liebert PEX3

Key features

Evaporator coil - microchannel

  • Microchannel coils are 40% smaller, 40% more eff icient, and use 50% less refrigerant than standard tube and fin coils.
  • Multiple micro channels improve heat transfer.
  • Flat tube results in lesser air side pressure drop, less power consumption.
  • Compact design & less also resulting in reduced unit weight.

Electronic expansion valve

  • Necessary for integrated and optimal variable capacity control.
  • Maintain constant superheat
  • EEV is standard feature in PEX3

EC fan

  • The unit is equipped with high efficiency, single inlet, reserve curved, centrifugal plug type innovative EC fan(s).
  • The EC fan technology regulates airflow and reduces the fan input power. In-floor configuration further reduces energy consumption in downflow units.
  • Liebert EC 2.0 fan modulates the fan speed according to load density; saving nearly 30% of energy consumption

Compact design

  • PEX3 has a footprint nearly 15~30% lower than other brands, available in 4 frame sizes.

Wide capacity range

  • PEX3 DX is available from 30kW up to 100kW both down flow and uplow configurations.

Precise temperature & RH control

  • PEX3 technology enables close monitoring and control of room temperature, the standard version includes advanced controller, heater, humidifier and other components.

Environment friendly option

  • The use of the eco-friendly refrigerant R410A ( standard) is particularly advantageous. The best parameters in terms of heat exchange to improve greenhouse performance.

Liebert® PEX

Liebert® PEX

The Liebert® PEX is the Next Generation Thermal Management Environmental Control System from Vertiv. It is a result of extensive research and development, conducted with leading environmental control experts, consultants and major corporations. A wide range of standard units offered from 20 KW to 100 KW in Upflow & Downflow Configurations.


Fan and drive

The innovative belt drive system automatically provides the correct belt tension when operating speed has been reached, eliminating slippage and greatly extending belt life. No tools necessary to change the belt.

Energy efficiency

PEX units have achieved greater energy efficiency through the use of computer modeling techniques, combined with the synergistic matching of components.

Smallest footprint

The unit's inherent design, together with the ability to undertake all service work from the front of the unit rather than from the side or rear, results in minimal space requirements and the possibility of placing units side by side or against walls.

Modular construction

Three-bay and larger units may be constructed as your load capacity grows. The PEX units are formed on the basis of one-bay and two-bay building blocks, so you can rely on the PEX to grow with your requirements.

Superior serviceability

The front doors can be quickly and easily removed via the bayonet style hinge mechanism enabling components to be easily accessed. This significantly simplifies maintenance and servicing.

Cleanliness and structural rigidity

PEX units incorporate double-skinned inner side panels to increase structural rigidity and improve internal cleanliness.

Compatible with advanced networking

The In-System-Programming (ISP) feature allows direct uploading of programming information from the Service Engineer's laptop, without the need to change-out memory chips.

Easy assembly at site

Access to difficult sites and elevator limitations are no longer a worry. The PEX units can be delivered as separate modules and assembled on site. There is no need to disassemble for delivery, saving on both time and labour.

High reliability

Proven, quality components are used throughout, and careful consideration given to their service requirements, thus ensuring minimum downtime.

Key features

EC fan

The EC fan technology regulates airflow and reduces the fan input power. In-floor configuration further reduces energy consumption in downflow units. This significantly reduces energy consumption and provides longer component life. Managed through Liebert® iCOM controls, EC fans deliver airflow for the optimal operating conditions for IT equipment.

Digital scroll compressor

Liebert® PEX with Digital Scroll Technology is highly reliable and is designed to achieve efficiency with flexibility and to lower TCO. The use of digital scroll technology actively manages capacity modulation from 20 percent to 100 percent. During the loaded state, cooling units consume full load power. On the other hand, during the unloaded state, the units run freely, consuming only about 10 percent of the full load.

iCOM controller

The teamwork mode in the iCOM Controller, a key feature of the Liebert® PEX, ensures efficiency by allowing multiple units to work together as a single system to optimize room performance.

Infrared humidifier

The Infrared Humidifier has been a feature on Liebert® environmental control systems for over 45 years. Its rapid response and the ability to handle varying water conditions has made it an industry standard in applications that demand precise, particle-free humidity control.

Dual cool option

This option a provides a second coil that utilises the central building Chiller system water supply. The unit can function either as a DX (compressorized) or a Chilled water system. During times when the chiller supply is available compressorized operation is eliminated, reducing energy costs. In addition this option can provide increased redundancy and flexibility to the environmental control system.

Free cool option

Optional GLYCOOL free-cooling system permits compressorless operation in colder ambient conditions.

Liebert Mini-Mate, Ceiling-Mounted Precision Cooling System, 3.5-28kW

Liebert Mini-Mate, Ceiling-Mounted Precision Cooling System, 3.5-28kW

Liebert Mini-Mate adalah sistem pendingin ruangan komputer jejak kaki nol untuk kontrol suhu dan kelembaban 7x24 dan penyaringan udara. Produk ini diinstal pada atap dan mudah diservis, hanya membutuhkan akses depan untuk pemeliharaan.


  • Requires no floor space
  • Simplified maintenance and troubleshooting via the iCOM CMS app
  • Reduces installation costs
  • Less compressor wear from start-stop cycles
  • Improves energy efficiency with free-cooling option

Key features

  • Ceiling mounted cooling and humidity control
  • Installs as self-contained or split system
  • Offers direct supply/return or ducted applications
  • Simple thermostat-type wiring to split system controls and condensing units
  • Services from the unit front for easy component access
  • Hot gas bypass
  • Compatible with the iCOM CMS mobile app system for monitoring and management of small IT spaces

Liebert HPM

Liebert HPMLiebert HPM air conditioning units designed for top level performance and reliability.


  • Design: All components have been sized for the lowest possible stress. Models have been rigorously tested before being launched on the market. The Liebert HPM range is Eurovent certified.
  • Efficiency: Over-sized heat exchangers and optimized aerodynamics reducing energy consumption to a minimum.
  • Maintenance: The user friendly interface and the frontal access for mechanical interventions shorten maintenance time.
  • Compactness: The compact design ensures the best performance as a result of fluid-dynamic analyses and laboratory testing.

Key features

iCOMTM control

  • Several graphic display options

  • Integrated Web Communication

  • Preventive maintenance through an advanced troubleshooting

  • 400 stored events/unit

  • Up to 16 stored temperature and humidity days

EC fans

  • AC powered 50/60 Hz without frequency converter

  • Static pressure continuous adjustment

  • Energy consumption 30% lower than AC motors

  • No maintenance

  • Long life transmission

Heat exchange surface

  • High Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). It basically depends on the heat exchange surface. Refrigerating circuits consume less energy.

  • High SensibleHeat Ratio (SHR). Sensible heat vs. latent heat. Technological applications require a high sensible heat discharge, without lowering room humidity too much, as it would need to be restored through a humidifier.

Liebert AHU

Liebert AHU

Key features

Modularity - easy to move and quick to install

  • Liebert Air Handling Unit (AHU) units are customized to suit dierent room space and transportation.

Highly eicient

  • Mechanical PUE less than 1.2 as part of a system
  • Use of EC fans for lower motor power usage
  • Self-optimizing controls reduce over-cooling and under-cooling
  • Uniform airflow and temperature across the supply air side

Greater protection

  • Advanced monitoring and event notification
  • Finely tuned & advanced controls for more consistent supply air temperature & eliminating hot spots through rack inlet temperature sensor
  • Feasible with UPS to back up either to whole system or controller only 

Lower Installation & Maintenance Costs

  • Multiple section design minimizes shipping costs and speeds installation
  • Less component to maintain and ease of access for better service and maintainence

Insight for action

  • Simplified access to realtime data and trending
  • Quick diagnostics of potential critical events

Cooling capacity

  • Customized design based on dierent cooling load requirement, airflow and other specific customer requirements. It does not require unit knock down on site for transportation, better quality control & less components to maintain and service.

Advanced controls for eiciency, protection and insight

  • Liebert Air Handling Units (AHU) are best used with Liebert intelligent controllers, wired or wireless rack sens​ors, and a Liebert central optimizing system control to ensure that the entire data center system is optimized with the other components of the chilled water system. Liebert intelligent control algorithms continuously process readings from the rack inlet sensors to ensure optimal air flow through the system while supply air sensors are used to control the unit cooling capacity.

Liebert HPD - Dry Cooler

Liebert HPD - Dry CoolerHPD Dry Cooler systems are outdoor units that dissipate the heat coming from water-cooled (water or glycol mixture up to a 40% concentration) direct expansion indoor units.


  • Equipped with heat exchangers made with oval copper tubes.
  • Design improves the heat exchanger capacity versus drycoolers with traditional coil geometries. 

Key features

  • Modulating fan speed control with single set point or with double set point for freecooling operation, to switch between summer mode (compressors working) to winter mode (freecooling operation).
  • Epoxy-coated coil.
  • Hydraulic connections flange kits (for three-phase models, single-phase models are provided with threaded hydraulic connections).
  • Can be installed either horizontally or vertically, with simple operations to be done on site.

Liebert HPW

Liebert HPWHigh performance telecom cooling solutions for mobile applications.



  • Site shutdown prevention

  • Extreme environmental conditions protection

  • Remote site conditions control


  • Adaptive to all site layouts
  • Suitable for critical environments 
  • Respecting the surroundings

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Target fast return on investment 

Key features

  • Direct Expansion having the highest efficiency in a wide range of external environmental conditions as a result of the generous heat exchanger surface design.
  • Freecooling with the highest energy saving, combining the advanced circular damper system with the downflow air distribution concept.
  • Emergency freecooling with the most efficient 48 VDC plug type fan to reduce the impact on the site power consumption.

Liebert LPC

Liebert LPCNurturing every breath of today’s precision equipment

Reliable, available, precision

  • Compact design for easy move and install at site.
  • Asia’s first standardized constant unit for special application
  • Satisfy the requirement for CE certification
  • Regulation of Sensible Cooling Capacity down to Zero
  • Use of variable technology at every steps like compression, distribution & controls
  • High quality, perfect harmonized component
  • Precise & Reliable control system
  • Service available through out Asia Pacific

Liebert PCW

Liebert PCWCloud - ready precision cooling technology for maximum energy saving

Key features

  • Easy access to Electrical Connection Kit
  • New Coil & Filter Design
  • On-Demand Water Connection
  • EC Fan at Raised Floor

Liebert MC Microchannel Outdoor Condenser, 28 - 220kW

Liebert MC Microchannel Outdoor Condenser, 28 - 220kW

The Liebert MC Microchannel Condenser is an outdoor air-cooled condenser that provides higher efficiency, while using less refrigerant. Features such as variable speed fans, advanced controls and a microchannel coil make this system uniquely innovative.


  • Operates with higher efficiency than fin and tube condensers, with an annual savings of up to 85%
  • Improves unit and system efficiency at full and partial loads
  • Reduces refrigerant volumes and decreases refrigerant charge levels in matched condensers, by more than 50% on condensers without flooded receiver systems and more than 20% on condensers equipped with flooded receiver systems 20-50% lighter installed weight

Key features

  • Extremely efficient micro-channel coils
  • Variable-speed EC fans
  • Compatible with R-410A, R-407C and R-22 refrigerants
  • Multiple voltage and refrigerant configurations available to match heat removal needs

Liebert XD Refrigerant-Based Cooling Modules

Liebert XD Refrigerant-Based Cooling Modules Liebert XD refrigerant-based cooling modules deliver high-density cooling with highly flexible configurations for floor-mount, rack-mount and ceiling-mount applications.


  • Highly efficient
  • Require little or no floorspace   
  • Cools more than 30 kW per rack
  • Requires little or no floor space.
  • Highly scalable expansion without interrupting cooling operations  

Key features

  • High heat-density cooling modules
  • Mount above, between or on racks
  • Use pumped refrigerant technology
  • Available in nominal capacities of 160kW (46 tons) for 60 hz applications and 130kW (37 tons) for 50 hz applications