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Equipment upgrades and replacements

Battery replacement

A single bad cell in a string of batteries can compromise your entire backup power system and leave you without protection. That’s why as soon as batteries are placed into service, they should be maintained with a program that identifies system anomalies and trends end of life. This data, along with Vertiv’s extensive industry experience, allows you to truly understand the health of your batteries and ensure timely, cost-effective replacement.

Circuit breaker upgrades and replacements

Circuit breakers play a critical role in protecting the people and equipment in your data center, and are integral in limiting the damage should a fault occur. But like all electrical components, circuit breakers can wear out and require an upgrade or replacement. By replacing your aging circuit breakers, you will lower your maintenance requirements and reduce the safety risk to your personnel.

Liebert EC fan upgrade service

Improve energy efficiency and overall system reliability in your data center by utilizing the newest technology for your thermal infrastructure. Electrically commutated (EC) fans offer innovative technology with exceptional value. When integrated with continuous speed control across the full operating range of thermal management units, EC fans provide a simple, cost-effective way to introduce energy-efficient technology by regulating airflow and reducing fan input power.

Liebert iCOM control upgrade service

In a typical data center, cooling accounts for 38 percent of total energy consumption. Improvements to your cooling system are an opportunity for significant cost savings. Liebert iCOM control upgrade service enables more efficient variable capacity control. The intelligent control capabilities immediately enable energy and cost savings.

Liebert VSD upgrade service

Load demand in your data center changes all the time. But fan speed and airflow from your legacy computer room air conditioning (CRAC) system likely remain constant. What’s more, fan speed is likely set to accommodate peak loads, which rarely exist. As a result, you’re using energy you don’t need and running up costs. Liebert variable speed drive (VSD) upgrade service allows you to match motor speed to changing load demand, reducing energy costs without compromising data center performance.

Life-extension services

Aging electrical equipment requires more maintenance and is more likely to fail than a newer system. It could even pose serious safety risks. However, replacing a worn down or obsolete electrical distribution system asset is no minor or inexpensive task. Vertiv’s complete range of life-extension services helps you take advantage of the latest technology without incurring high replacement costs.

Relay upgrades and replacements

Keeping up with the rapid advances in technology and the increasing demand for improved power and reliability is a challenge for today’s electrical asset managers. Relay upgrades and replacements allow you to replace your obsolete protection system and take advantage of the advancements in protection technology without the expense of installing new switchgear.

Repair services

As electrical equipment ages, components begin to wear and insulation deteriorates. This eventually leads to failure that can cost you millions unless you can quickly identify the problem, troubleshoot, and repair. Properly repaired assets increase system availability and improve performance.

Transformer services

Large power transformers are some of the most reliable assets used in electrical power systems. Even so, they can and do fail. Transformer failures can cost you millions in lost production, income and customers. Through regular transformer testing and maintenance, you can uncover developing problems before they escalate. This enables proactive repair that supports system reliability and business continuity.

UPS full bank capacitor replacement

Your UPS systems use large capacitor banks made up of both DC electrolytic and AC polymeric film capacitors that degrade over time. Proactively replacing a full bank of capacitors is strongly recommended to achieve long service life and avoid unplanned downtime.