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Preventive maintenanceDesign and implement a maintenance strategy that will improve your facility’s availability and performance.

Integrated switchgear services

During an interruption to your primary power supply, you rely on your UPS to maintain power to critical equipment and systems. But that plan only works if your integrated switchgear successfully transfers the load. Vertiv’s integrated switchgear services ensure the proper installation, operation, and maintenance of switchgear components so your electrical infrastructure supports high availability of your data center.

Liebert UPS preventive maintenance

Vertiv Liebert UPS units are designed for reliability, but they do contain components that must be proactively serviced to ensure proper functionality if needed.

Thermal preventive maintenance

Thermal management equipment is designed to meet the needs of dynamic heat loads in your data center. Boost system performance and avert potentially costly problems by implementing a preventive maintenance program. Properly trained technicians, following manufacturer recommendations and using OEM parts can have a profound effect on your equipment’s performance and your data center’s availability.

Battery preventive maintenance for data centers

Arguably the weakest links in the power chain, batteries are a leading root cause of data center downtime. A single bad cell in a string can put your entire backup power system at risk. Increase your battery availability by implementing a battery maintenance program that identifies system anomalies and trends end-of-life to help you make informed decisions.

Battery service with integrated monitoring

Your UPS system relies on fully functioning batteries. Knowing when UPS battery failure is imminent allows you to repair or replace in order to avoid costly downtime. The only way to gain this knowledge is through continuous monitoring of your batteries. By combining regular, on-site battery service with remote monitoring and maintenance, you can significantly improve system availability through early detection of potential problems, and rapid response to battery defects and degradation.