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Remote servicesEnsure healthy critical systems by relying on domain experts who use advanced monitoring to capture and analyze your system data, and turn it into action.

LIFE™ Services

Vertiv LIFE™ Services provides continuous monitoring and data analysis by remote system engineers that quickly, accurately, and safely restore equipment to its proper operating condition.

SiteScan™ Services

The health of your company is dependent on the performance of its data centers. You have a great deal invested in equipment and controls to protect your facilities from heat, humidity, and power problems. Vertiv’s SiteScan gives you the clear, centralized oversight and equipment control you need to fully leverage that investment.

Thermal remote monitoring

Leveraging your thermal management systems to support business objectives such as improving energy efficiency and cutting costs takes superior system insight and control. Continuous monitoring of your critical thermal equipment gives you this insight. Real-time data allows you to quickly make system adjustments based on your load requirements. This agility optimizes cooling and overall data center performance.

UPS remote monitoring

Approximately 37 percent of all UPS system failures are battery related. The best way to offset the risk of UPS failure is to implement an integrated service plan. Having this type of plan that uses secure communication technology allows for ongoing remote monitoring of UPS and battery health.