We are the leading Market Expansion Services provider for companies who want to grow their business in Japan. With Market Expansion Services along the entire value chain – from sourcing, marketing and sales to distribution and after-sales services – our team at DKSH Japan and DKSH Market Expansion Services Japan offer attractive business solutions for companies wanting to grow their business in new and existing markets.

Since its inception, DKSH's development has been closely connected with the history of Japan. Hermann Siber and Caspar Brennwald founded their trading company in Yokohama in 1865, when they were young men in their twenties. Their company seat, Yokohama Ko 90-ban Kan (picture left: conveniently named after its address), soon established itself at the heart of Japan's silk trading activities.

The company later went on to help set up the gas light system for Yokohama and Ginza, and also began to import watches and machinery from leading Swiss manufacturers. It was renamed Siber Hegner & Co. in 1910 and its reputation as a trading company grew rapidly despite the inevitable setbacks: a warehouse fire, several wars, and the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. The company's survival is indeed testimony to its resilience and adaptability. The firm entered a new era in 1932, when the company's headquarters were moved from Yokohama to Zurich, Switzerland. SiberHegner Holding Ltd. continued to grow, opening branches throughout the world and becoming an important player in key markets. In 1965, on the occasion of the company’s 100th anniversary, it was formally incorporated in Japan as Nihon SiberHegner K.K. After becoming part of DKSH Group in 2002, the company changed its name to DKSH Japan K.K. in April 2009.

Message from the Chairman

Founded more than 150 years ago in Yokohama in 1865 by Hermann Siber and Caspar Brennwald, DKSH today is a major contributor to culture and business in Japan. Our strong roots result in the unique way we do business, where the cultures of Japan and Switzerland – of Asia and Europe – harmoniously complement one another. 

We have learned to steer a clear course between these two distinctive cultures, bringing the best of both worlds together to serve the ever- evolving needs of our business partners. Our reputation is founded on consistency in partnerships and long-term engagement and we are proud of our employees who are still driven by the same pioneering spirit that inspired our founders.

Japan is a sophisticated and complex market with high barriers to entry for western companies. Regardless of company size or geographic location, and no matter whether consumer goods, specialty chemicals and ingredients for food and cosmetics, or advanced machinery are involved, our DKSH specialists have a deep understanding of the way business in Japan works.

At the same time, we assist Japanese companies to sell their products in overseas markets, making full use of our brand strength and comprehensive network across both Europe and Asia. For Japanese and European companies alike, we provide the ideal mix of sourcing, research, marketing and sales, distribution and after-sales services to help them achieve their expansion goals.

We are continuously enhancing our capabilities across the entire value chain to maintain the trust invested in us. It is a privilege to serve as a bridge between east and west and an honor we work hard to retain.

I am also extremely proud of the awards we are receiving. It demonstrates the determination and passion to help our clients grow in the Japanese market.

I would like to thank all our business partners for their continued support and trust in DKSH.

Stefan P. Butz
Representative Director and Chairman
DKSH Japan K.K.

Board of Directors Japan

Stefan P. Butz Representative Director and Chairman, DKSH Japan
Shigeru Ishihara Representative Director and President, DKSH Japan
Yasuo Hayashi Representative Director and President, DKSH Market Expansion Services Japan
Masahiro Hoshino Auditor