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Scientific Instrumentation

Our Business Line Scientific Solutions provides Market Expansion Services for innovative manufacturers of high-end analytical and life science equipment.

At home in Asia for 150 years, we provide a fully integrated support and a true partnership approach to our business partners.

As our client, you benefit from our strong sales and service organization and our broad local customer network which includes both commercial companies across several industries as well as public institutions such as universities or government-funded agencies. With our well-established local presence, we successfully assist manufacturers of scientific instrumentation to expand their market share in Asia Pacific. We leverage the success across Asia Pacific through integrated service offerings along the entire value chain, with broad channel access and deep market insights. We use state-of-the art cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to maximize our clients marketing services intelligence.

As our customer, we are deeply rooted in local communities throughout Asia and have established a vast network of business partners and personal relationships. With DKSH, you have access to a broad range of products from top brands in the industry. Our highly qualified staff can services throughout the lifespan of the products.

We offer a wide variety of products covering the following applications:

  • General laboratory equipment
  • Sample preparation
  • Physical characterization
  • Chemical characterization
  • Life sciences

Our products

  • High performance flexible microreactor system
  • Laboratory microreactor MMRS series
  • Microreactor MMRS series customization
  • Production reactor MIPROWA® series
  • LONSA plate microreactor series
  • Automatic nano liquid dispenser Certus
  • Laboratory ultrasonic homogenizer
  • UP50H/UP100 series
  • UP200S/UP400S series
  • UP400St series
  • UP200Hp/UP200St series
  • UIP1000hd series
  • High efficiency ultrasonic homogenizer
  • Powerful ultrasonic wire / tape cleaning device
  • Ultrasonic device for nanoparticle dispersion
  • High efficiency ultrasonic equipment for industrial use
  • Ultrasonic chemical reactor
  • Ultrasonic dispersion treatment equipment for mass production 
  • Oxygen permeability measuring device 8000 series
  • Oxygen permeability measuring device 8700 series
  • Water vapor transmission rate measuring apparatus 7000 series
  • Drop capacity method Surface tension measuring apparatus TVT2
  • Static surface tension meter TD series
  • Maximum bubble pressure method dynamic surface tension measuring device MPT-C series
  • Aqualine series
  • Alpha series
  • ECO Silver series
  • ECO Gold series
  • Proline series
  • Proline kliomat series
  • Integral XT series
  • Integral T series
  • Variocool series
  • Fully automatic viscometers
  • Viscometers PVS/VRM
  • Viscometers PVS/VAS/VRM
  • Viscocool 6
  • Viscotemp series
  • LabMaster-aw series
  • LabTouch-aw series
  • LabSwift-aw series
  • LabStart-aw series
  • Fully automatic ultra trace sample viscometer VROC initium
  • Ultra trace sample viscometer m-VROC
  • Themys thermal analyzers
  • Setline thermal analyzers
  • Calvet calorimeters
  • Microcalvet Calorimeters
  • Gaspro Manometers
  • Specialized process safety analyzers
  • Fully automated dissolution system AT Xtend™
  • Flow through cell method instrument CE7smart
  • Automated sample preparation equipment ASP series
  • Protein Physical Property Analyzer UNit Series
  • The first all-in-one biologics stability screening platform Uncle

Industries we serve

  • Food, environmental and chemical
  • Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences (Drug discovery)
  • Measurements of physical properties
  • Process and production technology


Our partners

We partner with world class suppliers in providing innovative technology and best in class products in the industry.

Our services at a glanceWe offer tailored services that create new opportunities for clients and customers including:

Consult with us about expanding your technology business in Asia
When our consultants and market researchers at DKSH Technology advise a business partner on new markets to enter and how to do so, we leverage our local expertise and market knowledge to ensure success. We devise market entry strategies as well as sustainable, long term strategies for existing businesses based on customer requirements.
  • Market analysis
  • Market entry strategy
  • Business strategy

We promote your brand in Asia

  • Brand building
  • Channel management
  • Marketing and promotion activities (e.g. trade fair attendance, product seminars, internet marketing, product demos in our showrooms, product brochures in local languages)

Let us take care of the whole supply chain

  • Warehousing
  • Distribution management, transport and deliveries
  • Product registration
  • Collection and repossession

We are at your service throughout the entire lifespan of your products

  • Calibration, installation, configuration and commissioning
  • Application engineering
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Warranty services
  • Repairs and maintenance service programs
  • Spare parts supply
  • Training and application support
  • Service on-demand
  • Performance checks
  • Technology updates

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