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The key factor in achieving high-quality printing in accordance with the market demand is that the ink transfer is conducted in a consistent and homogeneous manner, and the proper cleaning of the rolls and sleeves is critical.

In addition, working with high-line screens rolls, through which much higher accuracy and detail in the printing is achieved, however makes the cleaning on the micro-alveoli on the surface of the anilox more difficult to achieve.

Key Features

Innovation and control

The new cleaning programs are based on correctly managing the variables that affect the result of the cleaning. Understanding and correctly managing these factors has headed us to a new, control-based approach.

More technology, more connectivity

The Internet connection also allows our technical team to perform after-sales service quickly and remotely. The optimisation of processes by sharing machine-person information through M2P technology.

Plus in terms of range

Each model comes in three versions, depending on the cleaning speed it provides allows us to offer each customer the product they really need.
All models and versions offer the same safety and performance guarantees.

Technical Specifications

Model SNP 1.0 SLP 1.5 SLP 2.5 SLP3.2
Machine Length 1600m / 63” 2450mm / 96.5” 3450mm / 135,85” 4150mm / 163.38”
Machine Height 1600mm / 63” 1750mm / 68.9” 1750mm / 68.9” 1750mm / 68.9”
Machine Width 670mm / 26.5” 835mm / 33” 835mm / 33” 835mm / 33”
Maximum cleaning length 850mm / 33,46” 1500mm / 59” 2500mm / 98.5” 3250mm / 128”
Maximum roll diameter 135mm / 5,31” 300mm / 11,81” 300mm / 12,4” 300mm / 11,81”
Minimum roll diameter 45mm / 1.77” 80mm / 3,15” 80mm / 3,15” 80mm / 3,15”
Total roll weight 80Kg / 176.5lb 200Kg / 441lb 250Kg / 551lb 300Kg / 661lb
Electrical power 1.5 KW 1.9 KW 1.9 KW 1.9 KW
Electrical supply 208-550 Vac (single
or dual phase)
208-550 Vac (single
or dual phase)
208-550 Vac (single
or dual phase)
208-550 Vac (single
or dual phase)
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Air supply NO NO NO NO

Sitexco Plus Operation

TEG Technologies

TEG Technologies is a company that has been involved in the field of industrial automation since 1992. With a workforce of over 180 professionals, it enjoys the recognition and trust of a large number of companies in different sectors.

TEG has an engineering department and a production workshop, with its own assembling line, to make products capable of meeting the market’s technological needs in accordance with the principles of facilitating work and providing value.