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Our distillers allow the recovery and reuse of the used solvent, separating the polluting product (paints, inks, etc.) from the original solution. In other words, they recycle a hazardous waste material in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Key Features


The distilled solvent is reusable, thus significantly reducing the cost of consumables. It is environment-friendly and reduces disposal costs.


The operation is based on the evaporation of a liquid into a gas in order to separate the substances without altering the characteristics of the product. This process is carried out by applying heat and is based on different boiling points. The solvent is evaporated from the polluting products, condensed and finally directed to a tank in the form of a clean and reusable solvent. The polluting products remain at the bottom of the distillation tank and are easily disposed of. This operation can be carried out repeatedly without the solvent losing its properties.

Technical Specifications

RST100 RST200
Heating power 12kW 24kW
Yield 40 - 70 L/h 110 - 140 L/h
Dimensions (width, length, height) 1700 x 1700 x 3600 mm 2000 x 2300 x 3750 mm
Recovery unit weight 550 Kg 1500 Kg
Compressed air pressure 6 Bars 6 Bars
Constant boiler work volume 100 L 100 L
Heating time approx. 550 Kg 1500 Kg
Maximum heating temperature 1 h. 45 min.
Vacuum in boiler -0,70 Bars -0,70 Bars
Voltage 220 V a 480 V 220 V a 480 V
Cooling water temperature de 7Cº a 12Cº de 7Cº a 12Cº
Cooling system power (400V/50HZ) 5,7kW 9kW
Chilled water consumption 1700 Kg/h 4600 Kg/h
Maximum compressed air consumption 50 L/m 50 L/m
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