DKSH in brief Enriching people’s lives

DKSH truck

We enrich people’s lives by providing access to goods, services and insights. United by our vision to be the trusted partner, we help companies grow.

Being deeply ingrained in the fabric of local communities, we create impact by catering to basic needs, bringing joy and fulfilling dreams. When people see our DKSH truck arriving in a remote area, they group around it. It brings excitement and life to town.

Stefan P. Butz, CEO

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Delivering life-saving drugs to hospitals, bringing high-quality products to remote villages, installing technology that raises living standards and providing new formulations for healthcare products that make life easier. These are just a few examples of how DKSH touches and enriches people’s lives around the clock.

We do this while helping our clients grow by distributing, promoting and servicing their products and helping our customers grow by providing access to high-quality products, services and insights.

Delivering growth – in Asia and beyond.

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