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DKSH Consumer Goods Korea Recognized as “Best Distributor of the Year 2023” by LAMY

DKSH Consumer Goods Korea Recognized as “Best Distributor of the Year 2023” by LAMY

DKSH Consumer Goods Korea achieves “Best Distributor of the Year 2023” recognition from LAMY. This award underscores DKSH’s exceptional success in driving brand growth and expansion in the Korean consumer goods market.

Seoul, South Korea, May 9, 2024 – DKSH Business Unit Consumer Goods Korea, a leading partner for companies seeking to grow their consumer goods business in Asia and beyond, has been honored with the prestigious “Best Distributor of the Year Award 2023” by LAMY, the renowned German manufacturer of high-quality writing instruments. This recognition is a testament to DKSH’s exceptional performance and dedication to expanding the LAMY brand in the dynamic South Korean market.

Since January 2013, DKSH Consumer Goods Korea has been the sole and exclusive distributor of LAMY products, offering a comprehensive range of full-agency services including marketing, sales, distribution, logistics, and after-sales support. Through strategic initiatives and dedicated efforts, DKSH has successfully positioned LAMY as a lifestyle brand, capturing the hearts of consumers across retail, B2B, and corporate sectors in South Korea.

One of the key milestones in this successful partnership was the collaboration between LAMY and Starbucks Korea in 2023. By joining forces, DKSH facilitated the creation and delivery of limited-edition LAMY ballpoint pens to Starbucks, resulting in the highest volume deal in LAMY’s history. This collabo-ration not only boosted sales but also enhanced brand credibility and visibility, opening up new opportunities for growth and market expansion.

The strategic collaboration between LAMY and Starbucks Korea underscored DKSH’s sales and marketing expertise, culminating in record-breaking achievements for LAMY in 2023.

Mr. Christoph Klein, Sales Director APAC at LAMY, commended DKSH’s remarkable achievement, stating: “With the Starbucks collaboration, DKSH achieved the highest volume deal in LAMY’s history. DKSH’s sales and marketing excellence and its growth potential make DKSH a strategic partner in driving LAMY’s success and market penetration in South Korea.” 

Hyesung Park, Vice President of Luxury & Lifestyle for Korea, Japan, and Regional LAMY, DKSH Consumer Goods, said: “We are proud to be a partner with an outstanding brand like LAMY and happy to see our partnership come to fruition with the ‘Best Distributor Award’ from LAMY in 2023 for South Korea. We will continue to grow alongside LAMY, building on our success and delivering exceptional results. This award is a testament to our team’s dedication and the strong partnership we have forged with LAMY.”

The collaboration between DKSH Consumer Goods Korea and LAMY exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships in driving innovation, market expansion, and customer engagement. DKSH Consumer Goods remains committed to driving growth and success for LAMY in South Korea, while also partner-ing with LAMY in other key markets such as Japan, Thailand, and Singapore.