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GTB 300 is single flank bevel gear roll inspection machine with maximal diameter of wheel 300mm. It may combine single flank measuring of bevel gear pairs and spur/helical gears and coaxial geaboxes as well.

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Technical Specification

Diameter of bevel gear, max. 300 mm
Diameter of spindle bore for wheel 60 mm
Diameter of spindle bore for pinion 60 mm
Mounting distance for wheel, max. 275 mm
Mounting distance for pinion, max. 250 mm
Hypoid offset range - optional ± 50 mm
Shaft angle - optional 0° - 180°
Rotations, max. 300 U/min
Measuring speed, max. 30 U/min
Load torque, max. 15 Nm
Weight of wheel, max. 20 kg
Weight of the machine 1 300 kg
Accuracy DIN 3965 / Q1

Key Features

  • DIN Quality

  • Defined backlash

  • Low level of noise / high lifespan

  • Influence of assembly precission

  • Contact pattern, V-H characteristics

  • Where error comes from (pinion/wheel)


GeartecGEARTEC is a modern engineering company in the Czech Republic with an 80-year tradition in manufacturing gear machines. Established in 1998, we specialize in crafting high-quality inspection machines for all types of gears, focusing on single and double flank testing. With over 150 machines supplied, we've become a global leader in gear inspection. Our collaboration with Czech and German universities, as well as top gear manufacturers, drives our research for superior quality evaluation tools.