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Capturing Images Utilizing a Smartphone - AniScope - Sandon Global

Used in conjunction with the Ani-Check, the Ani-Scope is designed as a simple way to check the condition of anilox engravings.

The microscope is available with a variety of magnifications. Enabling print managers to quickly ascertain levels of cleanliness, wear and potential damage on the anilox engraving. The Ani-Scope can be linked to a smart phone and capture images efficiently. Anilox refurbishments and cleaning schedules can be planned. Saving valuable press time and maintaining quality standards.

Key features

  • Magnetic base for ease of use
  • Smart phone compatible
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
Sandon GlobalSandon Global is a leading anilox roll supplier based in the United Kingdom. Sandon Global manufactures and refurbishes anilox rolls, sleeves and gravure cylinders from our specialized engineering facility. Our modern plant offers Laser and Mechanical Engineering departments allowing us to produce our anilox internally and helping us to guarantee standards and expediency.