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Cleaning Chemicals - Sandon Global

We offer a range of cleaning chemicals to work with all ink types including solvent, water and UV based systems. Housekeeping is an essential part of any operation although often overlooked. The correct application of cleaning chemicals will result in reduced downtime.

Available models

The ultimate cleaning chemical, for an instant clean. This will remove all types of ink and should be used for stubborn ink residue which cannot be removed with other chemicals. This chemical provides an intensive clean and should be used periodically to remove the most persistent dried inks alongside mechanical cleaning systems or softer cleaning fluids.

Strong, less aggressive cleaning fluids, for all ink types. A good daily cleaning solution or for intensive cleaning between mechanical cleans.

For solvent based and UV inks. This is a very effective and quick working chemical for the removal of printing residues. Formula 8 gives a high percentage clean to the anilox cells and decreases the time usually required for an effective mechanical clean.

  • Machinery & Manufacturing
Sandon GlobalSandon Global is a leading anilox roll supplier based in the United Kingdom. Sandon Global manufactures and refurbishes anilox rolls, sleeves and gravure cylinders from our specialized engineering facility. Our modern plant offers Laser and Mechanical Engineering departments allowing us to produce our anilox internally and helping us to guarantee standards and expediency.