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Ink Filters & Earth Magnets

Protect your anilox with Sandon Global ink filters and earth magnets. A fine mesh is combined with a magnet which are accessible in ink buckets or sumps.

Designed to collect metallic and plastic particles they are easy to clean and maintain and fit various ink bucket formats. Printers will understand how particles can cause damage to the anilox engraved surface causing disruptive abrasion and score lines.

Available for both wide web and narrow web ink systems. Full training is provided to get the best from our ink magnets.

  • Machinery & Manufacturing
Sandon GlobalSandon Global is a leading anilox roll supplier based in the United Kingdom. Sandon Global manufactures and refurbishes anilox rolls, sleeves and gravure cylinders from our specialized engineering facility. Our modern plant offers Laser and Mechanical Engineering departments allowing us to produce our anilox internally and helping us to guarantee standards and expediency.