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SD membrane dryers

Extend your equipment lifespan and increase efficiency with preventative air treatment. Our SD membrane dryers ensure the highest compressed air quality

SDR railway membrane dryers

Compressed air dryers reduce the dew point and eliminate moisture carry-over in your rail vehicle air system. Keep your air system in optimal condition

Available models

SD Membrane Dryers
Capacity FAD l/s
1.5 gal/min - 55 gal/min
Capacity FAD
3.2 cfm - 116.6 cfm
Working pressure
102 psig - 190 psig

Optimal safety and efficiency

Atlas Copco’s SD membrane dryers with pre-filters remove moisture, oil and particles from compressed air in the most demanding conditions. The dryers deliver the lowest pressure drop and purge air loss at the highest possible efficiency – saving you time and money. From small spaces to environments with fluctuating ambient temperatures, SD dryers can perform in a wide variety of harsh and critical conditions. Two models are available to offer you the exact air treatment you require.

Key features

  • Versatility

SD dryers perform well in a variety of environments ranging from small spaces, applications that require flexible mounting and high vibration areas to spaces with widely fluctuating temperatures

  • Safety assurance

Our SD dryers meet strict safety and environmental requirements. This includes low flow environments, areas without an electrical supply, explosion-proof facilities, noise-sensitive and corrosion-sensitive areas. No electricity required

  • Critical environments

As they are not powered by electricity, SD dryers can function safely in explosion-proof environments such as laboratories

  • Meets all requirements

Offering different dewpoint suppressions for the different models, the SD dryer can serve all kinds of performance requirements

  • Low noise levels

Thanks to their quiet operation, you can use SD dryers close to the workplace

  • Save energy

Thanks to its straightforward design, your compressed air doesn’t make any twists or turns within the housing. The result: minimal pressure drop and the highest drying efficiency

SDR membrane railway air dryers

SDR membrane railway air dryers

Our railway air dryers are designed for the highest possible efficiency. They ensure the lowest pressure drop and purge air loss:

  • railway-certified solenoid, optimized nozzle
  • customized pressure dew point suppression
  • fire and smoke resistant shell

Key features

  • High performance

Optimized nozzle and a customized pressure dew point suppression ensures you get the performance you expect from your air dryer

  • Extreme reliability

Our SDR air dryers for railway are made to perform in harsh conditions. Remain fully functional in temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as +50°C

  • Compact and light

SDR is so compact and light it can be fully integrated in your compressor unit

Key features

Increase reliability

Water and oil particles in your compressed air increases the risk of corrosion in your air system and air tools. Our membrane air dryers greatly reduces this risk, enhancing your systems reliability and avoiding expensive downtime

Reduce energy costs

Clean, treated air greatly reduce the risk of corrosion and leaks in your system. Even a 3mm leak could increase your energy bill by up to EUR1800 annually

Protect your production

The compressed air that comes in contact with your final products should not affect them. Our air treatment solutions provide clean, dry air that will not affect the quality of your final products

  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
  • Textile
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