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Access to energy, particularly cleaner energy, is fundamental to human progress. The majority of the world’s energy poor lives in Asia, Pacific and Africa. Many with access to power use diesel generators! 

What is the solution? – cost-effective smart microgrid embracing wind, solar and battery.


FlowGen mobile energy solutions come ready to use in a 40ft-container setup, which includes the following components and features:

  • 4 wind turbines with a rated power of 10kW each
  • Powerful 30kW inverter per turbine set for small-grid installations - either as independent island system, but as well operational together with an existing island grid (e.g. from a diesel gen-set or other AC- or DC-power sources). Beyond the inverter always allows grid-parallel operation if desired.
  • A 600V DC-Bus from the inverter is accessible for DC-coupling of battery-storages of different sizes or can be coupled to DC-fed speed inverters for water-pumps, compressors or other variable speed applications. By this a maximum efficiency is provided as ac/dc/ac - losses can be avoided
  • The set further includes a ready to mount photovoltaic generator of scalable size - e.g. 40kW as a standard. The pv generator is dc-coupled and controlled by the wind turbine inverter for maximum energy efficiency.
  • In cases where a high flexibility in power production is desired FlowGen can provide gen-sets powered by diesel or natural gas for backup in scalable sizes.
  • The automation and control setup will always balance energy flows in the best possible way and harvest at maximum efficiency your natural resources.
  • Besides local information via gauges, screens and a service-personnel app for remote control, the user may rely on the centralized services of the FlowGen data center, that gathers all additional information of the power system and allows predictive maintenance, hurricane protection by safe shut-down of the turbines and many other features which allows to permanently optimize the energy output of the installation.

The sets can be moved in standard containers to any location on the globe and set up for operation within short time to provide environmentally friendly produced energy at no grid cost wherever it is needed.

Technical Specifications

FlowGen 10kW HSWT 15kW DSWT
Rated power 10 kW 15kW
Wind speed
cut in 1.9 m/s 1.9 m/s
rated 11.5 m/s 11.5 m/s
cut out 20 m/s 20 m/s
survival 70 m/s 53 m/s
cp-factor Above 50% Above 50%
Noise level 68dB at rated power; in 20m distance to wind turbine 32dB 68dB at rated power; in 20m distance to wind turbine 32dB
number of blades 3 3
diameter 4.94 m 4.94 m
swept area 19.2m2 19.2m2
material carbon reinforced carbon reinforced
type high efficiency PM generator with 94% efficiency high efficiency PM generator with 94% efficiency
voltage world-wide grid-compatibility 110V / 220-240V / 400-460V AC via inverter world-wide grid-compatibility 110V / 220-240V / 400-460V AC via inverter
frequency 50/60Hz other voltages on demand available 50/60Hz other voltages on demand available
powertrain weight 160kg 160kg

Download the fact sheet for more information.

Key Features


Due to our unique design, we achieve 5kW even at low wind speeds. Thus, the turbine is efficient in a wide range of locations throughout the world. Incredible, but true!


Distributed Energy

The high-efficiency enables distributed power generation – energy production at or near the point of use. This in turn reduces pressure on the electricity grid and also allows installation in a wide range of areas with no grid connection.



The wind turbine can be installed without high masts or deep foundations, which simplifies planning permission procedures.



Neither people nor animals are adversely affected by the operation of the turbines, so they are perfectly suited to both urban and natural environments.



High power output combined with low investment and maintenance costs radically reduces the cost per kWh. The initial investment can be recovered in a short time even in low FIT areas.


Low Risk

Production using existing equipment and processes in use in the automotive industry guarantees high quality and production capacity. The process of certification to international standard IEC 61400-2 for small wind turbines has already started.

Ground-breaking Technology in the Wind Energy Sector

FlowGen Turnkey “Hybrid Microgrid” Architecture

  • Plug & Play Modular Design. Holistic modular design ensures easy field assembly & consistent integration of all DER technologies (wind + solar + storage) & system interconnects into the power system.
  • Equipment Reliability. High-efficient FlowGen wind-generators integrated with certified 3rd party solar, storage & Balance of System (BoS) components, backed by product warranties & spare parts programs.
  • Turnkey Microgrid Systems. Built & commissioned by “local” licensed & certified EPC strategic partners backed by workmanship guarantee contracts. 3rd party operation & maintenance (O&M) services & project financing options available when required.
  • Efficiency & Resiliency. “Real time” Microcontrollers monitor & optimize entire system efficiency reduce OPEX & ensure “lights on” in the event of utility power failures. FlowGen system power performance guarantees.
  • Customer Services. FlowGen energy experts & after sales service available wherever & whenever needed to provide hands-on support & specialist knowledge to fully exploit the potential that Microgrid power systems offer.

Success Cases

South Korea

FlowGen installed the first system consists of four wind turbines in Feb 2022.  The customer is an industrial company who is also part of government committees driving South Korea towards its targets of CO2 neutrality very ambitiously.  They see a large opportunity for FlowGen’s solution in the country and have placed two further orders aggregating 130 kits.


The first system is installed in the mountains in California with an output of 12.1kW at a wind speed of 10.9 m/s, which is 2.1kW more than nominated power. The customer is a telecom tower company in North American with more than 26,000 sites. The customer is backed by various private equity funds.  The pilot installation represents the beginning of a roll-out program that we will be carried out in phases.  


FlowGen installed two container solutions and a single wind turbine close to Ingolstadt, Germany. FlowGen is also in discussion with large companies to help reduce the CO2 footprint, targeting showcase out solution, working closely with our client to understand the uniqueness of their needs, and simultaneously discuss the parameters and volume on a multi-year roll out program.


The Small Wind Turbines Can Generate More Energy

We can easily imagine big wind turbines onshore and offshore cutting the air with their wings to generate electricity. How about small wind turbines? Let’s ask Dirk Küster, the co-founder of FlowGen who brought the aerodynamic solutions working in Formula One as a team leader for GT3 into building small wind turbines as a renewable source of energy.



The output of a wind turbine depends on the conditions at the given location. Due to its high efficiency the FlowGen turbine will produce more electricity than other small wind turbines with the same nominal power at the same location. Should you be interested, we would be pleased to make a forecast for your location.

Due to its unique design, our FlowGen turbine has a higher efficiency than conventional wind turbines. As it produces electricity even at low wind speeds, the turbine achieves significantly more operating hours than traditional turbines, which start operating at higher wind speeds and show a big drop in power output at lower wind speeds. The FlowGen wind turbine produces more electricity for the same installed nominal power over the same time period than conventional turbines. The turbines are more profitable and can operate in places where traditional turbines aren’t viable.

Our wind turbine uses a diffusor which increases the air flow in the turbine by lowering the pressure behind the turbine. Thus, a higher efficiency can be achieved. Due to the design and the perfect interaction of rotor and diffusor the turbine produces electricity even at low wind speeds, which maximises operating hours. This makes our wind turbine more efficient than conventional wind turbines.

Our turbines aren’t in direct competition with PV solar panels. On the contrary, the two generating methods can be combined to achieve an even higher and more consistent output using the same surface area. Solar panels can be placed between or possibly on the turbines. But as a stand-alone system, our turbines achieve an efficiency about 50-60% higher than PV solar panels.

Yes, although it is not practical to install the current versions on the roofs of residential houses. For most other buildings the weight of the turbine should not be a problem. Built of lightweight material the turbines’ weight is significantly below the maximum load for most roofs. Of course, each installation has to be checked to ensure suitability.

We have put effective protection measures in place to protect birds and bats without influencing the efficiency of the turbine.

The FlowGen turbine adheres to the standards set by the IEC Norm and the German standards (TA Lärm) that only permit 35dB and less in urban living areas at night. The turbine therefore makes less noise than most refrigerators. The vibration of the turbine is very low and is also within the norms.

Due to the shape of the turbine and its diffusor, the turbine automatically turns in the right direction. Additionally, an electronically operating system turns the turbine out of the wind to protect it and guarantee the safety of the system in the case of high winds. This system satisfies international safety regulations.

Our turbines will be connected to a software programme which monitors all the relevant data.

If you are interested in installing FlowGen turbines, feel free to contact us so we can discuss the details of your project. We will then be able to give you a first estimate of the complete project costs you can expect.

  • Energy
  • Environmental

FlowGen is a dynamic company developing, producing and selling revolutionary small wind turbines. FlowGen is based in Zug ZG, Switzerland.

Instead of relying on conventional designs, we have designed our wind turbines from first principles, using the most advanced analytical tools available. In this way we have achieved performance levels previously thought impossible. These performance levels allow us to create a new segment in the wind energy market.