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Biobase - Disinfection and Sterilization

  • Portable type: The Cheapest 
  • Class B: Bestselling type, in stock 
  • Vertical type:  Most cost-effective style 
  • UV Air sterilizer: Sterilize the environment 

Available Models

Vertical Autoclave BKQ-BI

Application range: 

There are 4 fixed programs and 1 DIY programs according to different sterilization objects such as wrapped or unwrapped instrument, rubber, dressing, etc. 

Safety Features: 

  • Over-temperature automatic protection device. 
  • Over-pressure protection measures. 
  • Door safety detection device. 
  • Over-current and leakage safety protection. 
  • Water shortage protection device. 

Technical Features: 

  • LED screen displays. 
  • Independent quick service window, easy for repairing and maintenance. 
  • Audio and visual alarm: anti-dry burning, over-pressure protection, over-temperature protection, power safety protection. 
  • Sterilization programs for wrapped pr unwrapped instrument, rubber, dressing, etc. 
  • Hand wheel translation type door opening, fast and labor-saving. 
  • Using single-chip microcomputer control, heating, sterilization, exhaust, fully automatic control, without too much manual operation. 
  • Adopt gravity displacement and positive pressure pulsation exhaust mode to discharge the load and cold air in the sterilization room.


Technical Specifications

Model BKQ-B50I BKQ-B75I BKQ-B100I BKQ-B120I
Capacity 50L 75L 100L 120L
Chamber Size(mm) φ386*515 φ386*695 φ386*875 φ386*1055
Chamber Material SUS304 SUS304 SUS304 SUS304
Designed Pressure 0.28Mpa 0.28Mpa 0.28Mpa 0.28Mpa
Designed Temp 150℃ 150℃ 150℃ 150℃
Working Pressure 0.22MPa 0.22MPa 0.22MPa 0.22MPa
Working Temp 105~136℃ 105~136℃ 105~136℃ 105~136℃
Consumption 4.4KW 4.7KW 5.2KW 5.2KW
SS Basket 1pc 2pcs 2pcs 3pcs
Basket Size(mm) Φ365*360 Φ365*260 Φ365*360 Φ365*360/260
External Size(W*D*H) mm 640*550*980 640*550*1080 640*550*1280 640*550*1380
Packing Size(W*D*H) mm 750*745*1100 750*745*1240 750*745*1450 750*745*1540
Gross Weight (Kg) 97 107 120 135

Portable Autoclave

This sterilizer uses pressure saturation steam as the gene to kill the bacterium. The article will be kept in airtight vessel and after heating, water will be transferred into saturation steam which will heat and damp the article quickly. After a certain period in constant temperature and pressure surrounding, the bacterium will be killed to satisfaction result. 


  • Easy operation, safe and reliable. 
  • The sealing ring is made of silicon rubber. 
  • Two safety valves keep double safety (for timing control type). 
  • It has self-adjustment function (for timing control type) 
  • It is well sealed and effectively prevents steam leakage. 
  • Over temperature & over pressure auto-protection. 
  • Electric or LPG heating (for Dual fuel Type). 
  • Immersion type electric heating pipe, thermal efficiency is high, stainless steel material tube is durable to use. 
  • Double groove pressure gauge, could clearly indicate, convenient observation, reliable performance. 
  • When at lower water level, or at the end of heat preservation time, have buzzer alarm, timing control type will automatically stop heating (for timing control type).


Technical Specifications

Model BKM-P18(D) BKM-P24(D) BKM-P18(A) BKM-P24(A) BKM-P18(B) BKM-P24(B)
Type Timing control type Timing control type Anti-dry out type Anti-dry out type Dual fuel Type Dual fuel Type
Capacity 18L 24L 18L 24L 18L 24L
Chamber Size(mm) φ280*210 φ280*310 φ280*210 φ280*310 φ280*260  φ280*390
Temperature Setting RT+5~126℃ RT+5~126℃ 126℃(default)or 121℃ 126℃(default)or 121℃ 126℃ 126℃
Consumption 2KW 2KW 2KW 2KW 2KW 2KW
Power Supply AC220V,50/60HZ AC220V,50/60HZ AC220V,50/60HZ AC220V,50/60HZ AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Working Pressure Along with temperature change Along with temperature change 0.142Mpa 0.142Mpa 0.14-0.16Mpa 0.14-0.16Mpa
Packing Size(W*D*H) mm 420*420*650 420*420*740 420*420*650 420*420*740 410*410*430 410*410*550
Gross Weight(kg) 12 14 12 14 16 17
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
Biobase Scientific (Shandong) Co., LtdBiobase Scientific (Shandong) Co., Ltd is a China-based high tech medical devices and scientific instruments company. Our products have obtained CE, EN, NSF, FDA and other certifications.