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Dubor - Spray Technology - TSA 800

  • transport
  • release agent spray unit
  • modular design
  • belt length from 1.710 - 3.000 mm
  • manual or PLC control

Technical specifications

Electr. connection: 400 V 3-phase current, 16 A
Compressed-air connection: 6 bar, oil-free
Working pressure: 0,1-0,5 bar
Band speed: individual
Conveyor band size: 1710 mm to 3000 mm
Working height: individual
Spray stations: max. 5 with round tins | max. 10 with square tins

Key features

  • TSA 800 release agent spray unit
  • Modular design
  • Automatic release agent supply
  • High-quality construction
  • DÜBÖR automatic nozzles
  • TSA 800 Transport- Attachment - Mounting
  • Manual control or PLC
  • Oil mist extraction unit with filter 

DÜBÖR TSA800 spraying unit - snack cake

Dübör (Dubor)The company DÜBÖR, a specialist for release agents and spraying equipment, has focused on the manufacture of a wide range of products for the baking industry since 1961. Mould and bleach, bowl and belt lubricants or the release of baked goods or confectionery from moulds: The company produces a choice of high-quality products for all baking industry applications and the most specific requirements. Gradually, DÜBÖR Groneweg GmbH & Co. KG, which is headed by its owner Horst Groneweg, grew from a small family business into an internationally renowned manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products for baking companies of all kinds and sizes.