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DKSH and SUKA Society Continue to Enrich Orang Asli Preschoolers’ Lives in Malaysia

DKSH and SUKA Society Continue to Enrich Orang Asli Preschoolers’ Lives in Malaysia

DKSH Malaysia and SUKA Society have collaborated for the sixth year to promote literacy and education equality among the indigenous community and improve their learning environment with the creation of a beautiful mural. 

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, June 28, 2023 – DKSH, a leading partner for companies seeking to grow their businesses in Asia and beyond, is proud to announce its continued collaboration with SUKA Society, a non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the best interests of indigenous children, for the sixth consecutive year. As part of this enduring partnership, DKSH organized a special visit to its adopted Orang Asli preschool, Kelas Komuniti Kampung Tanam in Kuala Rompin, Pahang, Malaysia. 

The partnership with SUKA Society is part of DKSH Malaysia’s All-Round Improvement in School Education (ARISE) corporate social responsibility program, which aims to create a sustainable educational change among the communities in remote areas where access to education is severely limited. Through this program, DKSH Malaysia provides monthly sponsorship of school expenses for approximately 120 Orang Asli preschoolers aged three to six in seven aboriginal villages across West and East Malaysia. 

The collaboration with SUKA Society has been instrumental in ensuring the success and impact of the ARISE program. SUKA Society's extensive experience in working with marginalized communities, particularly the Orang Asli, has enabled DKSH Malaysia to create a positive impact for the local communities, which is one of the objectives of DKSH's sustainability strategy. 

During the visit to Kelas Komuniti Kampung Tanam, approximately 50 DKSH employees from the Klang Valley and Kuantan branch office joined hands to create a captivating mural on the school’s brick wall fence. Sponsored by DKSH and built by the community, the fence safeguards against vandalism and creates a safe and conducive learning environment for the children. Additionally, the volunteers brought boxes of pre-loved clothes and toys, collected through an internal donation drive among DKSH employees, to further support the children's well-being.

The success of the visit was further enhanced by the generous sponsorship of products from DKSH's clients and brands, including Federal Paints Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd, Darlie Malaysia, Lay’s, Quaker, Nutella, Eva, Biscoff, Bahlsen, and Skippy. These sponsors played a vital role in enriching the visit, providing essential items and treats that contribute to the well-being and enjoyment of the preschoolers. DKSH Malaysia extends its sincere appreciation to these sponsors for their generous contributions, which have positively impacted the lives of these children.

Anderson Selvasegaram, Executive Director, SUKA Society, expressed gratitude for the ongoing partnership, saying: “SUKA Society is grateful for the continuous collaboration with DKSH Malaysia in supporting the education of Orang Asli preschoolers. This partnership has made a significant impact on the lives of these children, providing them with educational opportunities they would not have otherwise. We look forward to continuing this journey together and creating sustainable change for the betterment of the communities we serve.”

Puneet Mishra, Head Country Management and Vice President, FMCG, DKSH Malaysia, said: “Education is a powerful tool for transformation, and by investing in the future of these children, we can empower them to break the cycle of limited opportunities. We are proud to collaborate with SUKA Society in our ARISE program, which strives to create sustainable educational change in remote communities.”