An employer of choice

An employer of choice

DKSH employees

As the leading Market Expansion Services provider in Asia and as a services company, people are our greatest asset. It is their last-mile dedication, can-do attitude and passion that drives the long-term success of our business. At DKSH, we believe in investing in our people.

At the end of 2017, DKSH employed 31,970 specialists globally. The number of specialists has considerably expanded over the past years: between 2012 and 2017 alone, the number of specialists increased by 6,200. Around 2% of DKSH employees worked part-time.

Number of DKSH specialists

2017 31,970
2016 30,320
2015 28,340
2014 27,550
2013 26,693
2012 25,788

We believe that diversity in our business and throughout our value chain is a real asset. It is something that should be encouraged and nurtured. The majority (52%, see chart below) of our specialists are female.

Fantree Academy

Career Opportunities and learning
DKSH’s development programs enhance the quality provided as a service company and to continuously adapt its business to changing market needs. Our HR policies promote employee development from the first day on the job through to retirement. For the majority of our employees, we conduct at least annual performance reviews and discuss and agree on personal development plans.

The Fantree Academy, our in-house training and development center, is bringing the classroom to DKSH employees.

Offering a total of 39 programs across two main branches, leadership and skills programs, the academy provides a continuous progression in competency building for our pool of talent.

DKSH Fantree President Awards
Each year, DKSH celebrates the champions of our corporate values through the DKSH Fantree President Awards. The award acknowledges employees – both individuals and team members worldwide – for their outstanding commitment and efforts to being a role model in practicing our values and brand, as well as their extraordinary contribution to the overall success of DKSH. Winners are awarded in six categories which represent the DKSH corporate values. This initiative, which started ten years ago, provides an opportunity to reward employees who demonstrate passion for excellence and is an investment in talent management, building on the best practices and skills within the Group.

Internal mobility
As the leading Market Expansion Services provider bridging continents, countries and cultures, we consider it important to give our specialists the opportunity to gain new experience by working abroad or in different Business Areas as part of their professional and personal development. DKSH therefore takes targeted measures to promote internal mobility and job rotation. 

When selected positions become available, we first proactively approach our most suitably qualified specialists to fill these vacancies before reaching out to external candidates.

Employee Survey
Employee engagement and retention is and will continue to be an important priority for DKSH. As part of our continuous effort to engage our specialists and create a dynamic and high-performance work environment, DKSH conducts employee surveys to obtain valuable feedback from its specialists globally.

In April 2016, DKSH concluded its first Group-wide employee engagement survey, Your Voice, Our Future! The purpose of this survey was to obtain valuable feedback from a sample selection of our employee base Group-wide on the quality of our work environment, leadership, organizational transformation, company culture and other significant matters of workplace effectiveness within DKSH.

Safety and health
Safety and occupational health are a major consideration for DKSH’s business. The welfare and safety of our specialists are paramount importance because people are our greatest asset.

DKSH believes that accidents are preventable and we work hard to foster our company’s safety culture. The company conducts its operations in compliance with applicable health and safety laws and regulations as well as company standards to provide employees with a safe, healthy and clean working environment.