Fantree Academy

DKSH employees

At DKSH, we aim to continuously improve to stay ahead of the game. We do this by creating an ideal environment for people with a passion to out-perform, people who are self-driven to get things done, people who are eager to grow and develop, thereby continuously challenging themselves and their team members anew each day.

DKSH is dedicated to empowering our staff to grow professionally and aims to attract and retain the top talent in the businesses and markets we serve.

That is why we have established the DKSH Fantree Academy, our own in-house training and development center. The DKSH Fantree Academy uses customized programs to provide learning opportunities based on our unique, DKSH-specific content. Moreover, it provides a platform for networking, sharing best practices and reinforcing our corporate culture.

The Fantree Academy is a symbol of our corporate spirit and common values across our company

The Fantree Academy is a symbol of our corporate spirit and common values across our company. It has two main branches: leadership and skills programs.

The leadership programs focus on developing core leadership competencies required at the different levels of seniority: from front line managers in their first leadership roles, right up to our DKSH top executive team, who carry substantial responsibilities at both regional and country level. The programs aim at establishing a common DKSH leadership culture and support the development of our internal pool of talents at all levels of the organization thereby supporting the implementation of our strategy for sustainable, profitable growth. Renowned faculties from world-class universities teach customized programs that provide the knowledge and skills required to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

The skills programs support staff members to further develop specific competencies relevant to their respective functions and areas of development. While the essential skills programs cover the soft skills required at various levels across Business Units, the functional skills trainings are specialized by functional job area, such as client management, category management, field sales, customer account management, trade marketing or business development.