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Bettersize - Laser Particle Size and Particle Shape Analyzer - Bettersizer S3

Bettersizer S3 laser particle analyzer represents the leading particle size analysis technology for wet dispersion solution. Measuring range from 0.01 to
3500μm can meet the most stringent requirements of fundamental research, product development, and process control applications. The advanced optical design, DLOIOS, automatic refractive index measurement, and high quality manufacturing ensure convenient, reliable operation and accurate results. SOP and automatic circulation & dispersion system ease the workload and improve user experience.

Bettersizer S3 vs Bettersizer S3 Plus

Model Bettersizer S3 Plus Bettersizer S3
Particle Size Measuring Range 0.01-3500μm 0.01-3500μm
Particle Shape Measuring Range 2-3500μm 100-3500μm
Measuring Method - Laser Diffraction: DLOIOS
- Automated Imaging: 0.5x lens and 10x lens
- Laser Diffraction: DLOIOS
- Automated Imaging: 0.5x lens
Dispersion System Wet Wet
Refractive Index Measurement Yes Yes

Technical specifications

Measurement Range 0.01-3500 µm
Sample Inflow Method Wet dispersion automatic circulating and dispersing system
Repeatability error ≤0.5% (CRM D50)
Accuracy error ≤0.5% (CRM D50)
Dual peak resolution ≥1.65
Measuring Principle Mie scattering theory
Measuring way SOP (Standard Operation Program), full-automatic testing.
Fastest measuring speed ≤10s
Laser light source solid state laser(5mW/532nm)
Dew point temperature testing yes.
Detected angle 0.02-165°
Refractive index measuring range 1.4-3.6
Photodetector 96 pieces
Ultrasonic Disperser Power 50W
Circulating pool capacity 600 ml
Circulating Flowrate 3000 ml - 8000 ml/min
Voltage AC 220V 、50/60Hz
Volume/Weight 820x610x290mm/47KG

Key features

  • Measurement: Particle size and particle shape
  • Particle size from 0.01 to 3500µm
  • Particle shape from 100 to 3500µm
  • Technology: Laser diffraction + Automated imaging
  • Refractive index measurement
  • Dual Lens & Oblique Incidence Optical System (DLOIOS):
    By adding a second lens behind the sample cell and applying the oblique incidence laser structure, DLOIOS increases system reliability and reduces cost by fully utilizing the capabilities of a single diode laser.
  • Particle size and shape:
    One CCD camera with 120 fps, 1.3 Mpixel and 0.5x lens. Combine particle size analysis and particle shape analysis.
  • Refractive index measurement:
    Improve the accuracy of measurements of materials with unknown refractive index.
  • Ease of use:
    Standard Operation Procedure (SOP), automatic alignment, automatic circulation & dispersion system, and the powerful software make sample analysis 
on Bettersizer S3 laser particle size instrument a one-button operation. 

Bettersizer S3 Particle Size Analyzer


Bettersize has become a significant player in the particle sizing business since 1995. We are a team of ~160 employees dedicated to share our expertise to satisfy your instrument and application requirements with reliable products and first-class services.


As the leading particle size analyzer manufacturer in China in terms of brand reputation, sales volume and most important quality, Bettersize spare no efforts on R&D each year. We offer a variety of products from basic to advanced research equipment, deliver precise analysis of materials from nanometer to millimeter, and assist scientists and engineers to understand material properties, facilitate research, and improve production efficiency.


Focused on technology innovation, product manufacturing, application research, and after sale service, Bettersize is making the particle size analyzer of China enter into the international advanced ranks.