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Langmuir & Langmuir-Blodgett Troughs Premium systems to create thin film coatings with controlled packing density.

Key Features

  • Precise control of molecular packing density
  • Precise control of coating thickness
  • Homogeneous deposition over large areas
  • Enables multilayer structures with varying layer composition
  • High flexibility in using different kinds of particles and substrates
  • Coating quality can be pre-monitored prior to deposition

What you can do

  • Create functional coatings with nanoparticles (altering e.g. wettability, reflectivity, biocompatibility, conductivity, binding properties etc.)
  • Form model cell membranes at air-buffer interfaces and study the effects of toxins or pharmaceuticals on the cell membrane
  • Form thin polymer films for the study of polymer crosslinking, stability, degradation etc.
  • Study the interactions, adsorption, desorption, interfacial stability and structure of amphiphilic molecules
  • Interfacial rheological studies to determine film stability, phase transitions or reactions

3 reasons to invest

  • Quality

Single piece solid PTFE trough tops including the dipping well enable easy cleaning without any contaminating glues or coatings. Adjustable legs, trough top locating pins, barrier limit switches and overflow channels ensure safe and reliable use of the system. 


  • Usability

The system uses standardized Wilhelmy method with platinum plate for surface pressure sensing. You also have the option to use disposable paper plates to avoid cleaning. The powerful KSV NIMA LB software integrates all controls and data analysis into the same software, including different characterization tools.


  • Versatility

Specialized characterization tools ensure floating thin layer quality both prior to and after the coating process. Open modular design with simple trough top and barrier placement enables easy integration to characterization systems, upgradeability and easy cleaning of parts. 

Techinical Specifications

Surface area (cm2) 841
Trough top inner dimensions (L x W x H mm) 580 x 145 x 4
Maximum compression ratio 18
Barrier speed (mm/min) 0.1...270
Balance measuring range (mN/m) 0...300
Maximum balance load (g) 1
Balance resolution (μN/m) 0.03
Total subphase volume (mL) 336

Explore the possibilities of the Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett troughs

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The Biolin Scientific portfolio consists of the following brands: Attension®, KSV NIMA and QSense.

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