“Glocalization” Driving Success for Business Unit Consumer Goods in Vietnam

Meet Mr. Kim Le Huy, the newly appointed Vice President of DKSH Vietnam Business Unit Consumer Goods, to find out what is driving the success of the Business Unit in Vietnam.

What is the outlook for the FMCG industry in Vietnam in the post pandemic era?

The pandemic has contributed to declines in the FMCG industries in the Vietnam market in the past years, and yet, Vietnam began showing signs of recovery by the end of 2021. According to Nielsen, FDI (foreign direct investment) in Vietnam was up for the first two months of 2022, and with the continuing resumption of market activities, the government has projected a GDP increase of about 5-6% growth this year. The market is booming again, and I am optimistic about the outlook of the FMCG industry in Vietnam and across Asia.

How does the Business Unit Consumer Goods perform in the Vietnam market?

Despite various challenges due to strict lockdowns in the past year, our Business Unit Consumer Goods is growing at an increasing rate in Vietnam. In fact, with our Swiss reliability and Asian can-do attitude, DKSH transforms and innovates to perform even better during difficult times.

Going above and beyond what we do best, beside world-class distribution services, DKSH also offers integrated solutions that are truly customized to business needs, ranging from sourcing, market insights, to sales, marketing, and after-sales services.

As the leading market expansion service provider across 36 markets, DKSH continues to be the trusted partner for the growth of hundreds of brands in Vietnam. We proudly supported our long-term client, Fumakilla, to achieve their trillion milestone in 2021 – even during the peak of the pandemic in Vietnam.

What is your strategy to drive success for the Business Unit Consumer Goods in Vietnam?

I must say “glocalization” is the key word for our success. As a multinational company with more than 150 years of establishment, DKSH has a deep knowledge across its 36 operating markets. To ensure the quality of services, we have our own strategy framework, world-class standards, and best practices which cover all our markets. That is the “globalization” component.

The “localization” component is just as equally important. In fact, it is what differentiate us from our competitors. With constant investments in enriching local talent, who brings their own uniqueness and experiences to the company, DKSH has continuously built up the irreplaceable asset: local insights. It is our strong local insights and market understanding that help us localize better and achieve success in different markets.

With clear career development and advancement opportunities given equally to all employees, DKSH Business Unit Consumer Goods has been attracting, acquiring, and retaining key talent in the market. I am very excited to see how this helps to bring us one step closer to delivering growth for our clients and customers, in Vietnam, Asia and beyond.